That’s a Wrap on TIBCO NEXT Munich: Learn More About Our Data Integration Updates

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That’s a wrap! We had a great time at #TIBCONEXT in Munich this week where we were joined by executives from Europe’s leading companies who shared their perspectives on business trends, technology needs, and the critical role that data plays within their organizations.

Of particular interest to the attendees was the idea of doing business “at the speed of data” and the need to manage more data than ever before. As the demand for more data continues to surge, connecting disjointed and diverse data across hybrid environments to achieve organizational goals has become increasingly challenging and complex—demanding a broad mix of data integration capabilities to bring it all together. TIBCO addressed this need in a variety of ways: through TIBCO Roadmap sessions, by listening to customers who have risen to the Data Integration challenge tell their stories, and with continued innovation discussions.

Discover TIBCO Roadmaps: What’s NEXT

(Emily Robertson, Director of Portfolio Marketing, in Munich.)

TIBCO Roadmap: Data Integration 

TIBCO Data Integration is a real-time, intelligent, and composable suite of data integration products that combines cloud integration, data virtualization, master/metadata management, streaming data integration, application integration, and messaging in a COMPREHENSIVE Enterprise Data Platform…with a 25+ year track record of empowering our enterprise customers and solving the world’s most complex data-driven challenges. Through TIBCO Data Integration, the data-driven business is able to deliver data when and where it’s needed, increasing speed and reducing complexity and costs in accessing data while maximizing trust in and governance for data. 

TIBCO Roadmap: Master Data Management

TIBCO customers are using TIBCO EBX® software for Master Data Management (MDM), a critical component of Data Integration. MDM is the DNA of enterprise data, a single record of each person, place, or thing in a business, which must be reconciled, enriched, and corrected to create a trusted view of shared, business-critical data. For over two decades, TIBCO EBX software has defined the MDM market and empowered our customers to make better decisions, and faster, smarter actions with trusted data. 

TIBCO Roadmap: Data Virtualization

Another critical component of TIBCO Data Integration, TIBCO® Data Virtualization, addresses the evolving needs of data-driven organizations, especially those with maturing architectures. Key reasons TIBCO customers use TIBCO Data Virtualization in their enterprise level organizations is to create better business outcomes with less physical overhead and less cost with a faster time-to-solution when compared to more traditional methods such as data warehousing or ETL. 

Explore Success with Leading TIBCO Customers

Sustaining Excellence: Alliance Healthcare Portugal Makes a Major Platform Transformation

Carlos Cravo Silva, Information Systems Director for Alliance Healthcare Portugal shared how the organization used TIBCO Data Integration and Data Virtualization to sustain organizational and data excellence while making a major platform and data architecture transformation. Alliance Healthcare Portugal is the market share leader and has a complex and international business model with pharmacies, wholesalers, and consumers relying on them to keep the day-to-day business of pharmaceutical distribution in Portugal running. The company couldn’t allow a backend app consolidation, an ERP implementation, and a new customer portal implementation to interrupt this critical work.

Continued Innovation with TIBCO

(Lori Witzel, Director of Thought Leadership, in Munich.)

How To Become Future Resilient With Data Fabric

TIBCO thought leaders Lori Witzel and Alessandro Chimera shared with attendees how to tap the power of pragmatic new approaches to data architecture, including an Agile Data Fabric which is a critical use case for TIBCO Data Integration. More data sources, more silos, more complexity, and constant change—data architectures are challenged to keep pace which is a big problem for today’s data-driven organizations and one that puts our customers’ businesses at risk. The benefits that TIBCO offers through its Data Integration capabilities are legendary and include: 

  • Unified approach to data management
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud integration
  • Elastic, transparent, and scalable data access
  • Governance and compliance

We’re looking forward to talking about more TIBCO Data Integration at TIBCO NEXT Santa Clara in August. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen, Munich! And Au Revoir, Adios, Ciao, Adeus, Kia koa, Yasou, and Good Bye.