TIBCO provides an agile architecture that responds to the needs of our stakeholders and our customers as they need it. We think the TIBCO Trailblazer Award acknowledges that vision and is evidence that we have succeeded in what we set out to do with TIBCO.

Monte Hong, Chief Information Officer

Telkomsel Enhances Customer Experience with TIBCO

Fast, flexible, power integration and agile omnichannel fulfillment

Business Challenge

Because Telkomsel serves a dynamic, digital-savvy customer base, it wanted a scalable architecture for creating agile and relevant mobile products to keep up with subscriber demand.


Telkomsel turned to TIBCO Cloud API Management, TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, and TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management software to create an agile and scalable platform that provides omnichannel customer experience and better serves an increasing volume of mobile subscribers.


Fast, flexible, powerful integration

Telkomsel turned to TIBCO Cloud API Management and TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition software to create its cloud-ready digital core. The solutions simplify the connection between APIs and microservices for the integration of a channel orchestrator layer, business service layer, and backend layer. This architecture provides the capacity and flexibility to take on more transactions per second—up to 30,000 and growing.

"We needed a digital foundation layer that allows us to separate our system of engagement, or front-end channel, from our systems of record. TIBCO technology enabled us to do that using APIs," said Metra Utama, VP IT digital enablement at Telkomsel.

The company took a collaborative approach in developing reusable APIs and outlining business outcomes. As a result, it rolled out new agile capabilities in just 10 months.

Agile omnichannel fulfillment

Telkomsel also implemented TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management offer and price engine software. The solution holds tens of thousands of products in an in-memory cache, allowing customers to search and quickly find offers tailored to particular geographies, customer types, and price points. Products and offerings are more accessible than ever before and get to market faster, resulting in up to three times market growth and an astounding 168 million customers.

Because the offer engine supports all products for all channels, the company actually reduced its product catalog, further boosting performance. Because it doesn't need channel-specific products anymore, it can change, modify, and enhance its products, identify gaps, and fill them quickly, giving the business greater credibility and resiliency.

"We have greater agility. We can change our digital properties and traditional channels on a daily basis," said CIO Hong.

Ready for change

"We've been successful in using technology to create a cloud-ready platform to transform to a digital business," said Hong. "We need to pivot to continue to be relevant by offering choices." Hong envisions that the relationship with customers will change to one that’s no longer about just talk, text, and data, but about interactive media, gaming, and video. And the company will bring that change by creating a broader marketplace ecosystem.

Trailblazer Award Winner 2019


per second through APIs


The largest mobile telecom operator in Indonesia wanted a scalable architecture for creating agile and relevant mobile products to keep up with subscriber demand. The solution was TIBCO integration, API management, and fulfillment order management software.