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We are very much focused on the customer experience, and TIBCO is helping us successfully provide a holistic and memorable one for them.

Nanda Reddy, Chief Enterprise Architect

Caesars Entertainment delivers a fully connected guest experience

Advanced personalization, happy customers, and data for experimentation and improvement

Business Challenge

Legacy systems with point-to-point integrations made it increasingly difficult for the gaming and entertainment leader to provide personalized customer experiences and innovate with agility. Caesars needed all the data in its multi-cloud environment to be shared among all systems equally.


With TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud API Management software as a service, Caesars now manages its hybrid environment with API-led integrations for speed and reuse—and a completely reinvented customer experience.


Advanced personalization, happy customers

Using the cloud-based API-led integration capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Cloud API Management software, Caesars' customer engagement model empowers team members to deliver a world-class experience across all digital and physical channels. With all systems sharing data, it creates a unified customer profile for advanced offer matchmaking and personalization. The technology delivers a fully connected guest experience delivering real-time offers, faster check-in, casino experience tracking, personalized sports and casino leaderboards, e-sports, and sports betting.

"Customer personalization, with all the customer's experiences connected, differentiates us. This is the power of integration, and TIBCO has been a foundational part of making this massive effort a success," said Les Ottolenghi, CIO.

"After a customer decides to make the journey to our properties, right from making the bookings, coming to the property, and then experiencing the various shows, gaming, and everything, they leave as a happy customer. There are several platforms that enable these experiences, and TIBCO plays a key role in integrating all of this by providing timely, precise, intuitive data to the customer and employees," added Reddy.

"The TIBCO Cloud API Management (formerly TIBCO Mashery) system enables us to deliver tailored customer experiences very quickly."

Data for experimentation and improvement

Having Caesars' systems exposed as APIs allows the business to be quick, try new things, and change those that don't work.

A great example of what Caesars has been able to do with its new architecture is a mobile-phone customer service bot called Ivy. "When you come to our hotel, it greets you with an SMS. As you move through and experience the casino, it reminds you of other things available, and what you could be doing, all on your phone," explained Reddy. Guests have found Ivy to be a wonderful help and often praise the mobile concierge on social media.

Trailblazer Award Winner 2019


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Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is one of the world's most diversified entertainment providers, with the goal of providing unforgettable experiences at over 50 resorts worldwide.