Telkomsel Creates a Digital World for Its Customers

Telkomsel Creates a Digital World for Its Customers
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In the ultra-competitive Indonesian market, telecom companies are always competing to create more innovative, value-driven products and service bundles that are relevant to customer’s increasingly digital lifestyles. With an abundance of providers that customers can choose from, it becomes imperative that telecoms create a truly “digital world” for their customers. To help become a digital business, Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest provider, servicing over 165 million customers, worked with TIBCO.

Ten years ago, when Telkomsel’s system was set up, customers mainly interacted through two channels—contact centers or the branch office/walk-in center. But today, customers interact with Telkomsel through a variety of channels including traditional physical methods as well as digital channels such as mobile apps, websites, and social media. Customers are also interacting with Telkomsel via third-party channels. 

Unfortunately, Telkomsel’s legacy architecture couldn’t provide immediate capacity or scale to the extent they needed it to ensure that customers receive the same experience regardless of channel. The issue? Telkomsel’s monolithic architecture; it could not accommodate the capacity and flexibility, nor could scale when needed.

The telecom provider turned to TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery®, TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition, and TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management software to create an agile and scalable platform that provides omnichannel customer experience and better serves an increasing volume of mobile subscribers. 

Telkomsel saw a number of benefits from the implementation. With TIBCO Cloud Mashery and TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, it was able to create its cloud-ready digital core, simplifying the connection between APIs and microservices. This architecture enabled the company to develop reusable APIs and new capabilities in just 10 months. Additionally, with TIBCO Fulfillment Order Management, Telkomsel can now make products and offers more accessible to customers than ever before, resulting in 300% market growth. 

Telkomsel is now ready to grow with its customers by offering more relevant choices such as interactive media, gaming, and video. As a result, Telkomsel will be able to create a broader marketplace ecosystem. 

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