See How TIBCO Customers are Integrating Everything, Unifying Data, and Augmenting Intelligence

TIBCO Customer Success

Here at TIBCO, we have the privilege of working with some of the largest companies around the world. Our customers take a proactive approach in digitally transforming their businesses to optimize operations, create compelling customer experiences, and develop connected digital products. 

In our newly updated Customer Success Story eBook, gain a fast understanding of how more than 75 companies across 15 industries are utilizing TIBCO solutions to integrate everything, unify data, and augment intelligence to turn themselves into digital businesses and achieve amazing business outcomes. 

The eBook includes short summaries of each organization’s objectives, TIBCO solutions used, and business outcomes—with links to their customer video interviews and full case studies. 

A few examples of customers highlighted in the eBook are:

Aeroporti di Roma

This regional Italian airport company turned to TIBCO® Connected Intelligence software to manage the entirety of airport information and its correlation to enable real-time decision-making in both airside and landside airport processes. This led to operational cost reduction, improved customer experience, and increased retail revenue, in addition to the identification of customer and buying patterns to optimize the time spent in various areas. As a result, Aeroporti di Roma won a TIBCO Trailblazer Award in 2018. 

Hemlock Semiconductor

Global producer of polycrystalline silicon for semiconductors, Hemlock Semiconductor needed to accelerate process optimization and eliminate cost. With TIBCO® Connected Intelligence software, Hemlock achieved centralized, self-service, governed analysis; revenue gains; cost savings; and more. The company is reaping the benefits, with over $1 million in projected opportunities for the future. Its innovation across both integration and analytics earned it a TIBCO Trailblazer Award in 2019 at TIBCO NOW Chicago. 


The largest mobile telecom operator in Indonesia wanted a scalable architecture for creating agile and relevant mobile products to keep up with subscriber demand. The solution was TIBCO integration, API management, and fulfillment order management software. This resulted in fast, flexible, and powerful integration, and agile omnichannel fulfillment. Telkomsel’s successful digital transformation earned it a TIBCO Trailblazer Award in 2019 at TIBCO NOW Singapore.  

Fannie Mae

The Federal National Mortgage Association (better known as Fannie Mae) had no visibility into business flows and could not respond quickly. Its new TIBCO integration infrastructure integrates 90+ upstream systems that feed more than 250 downstream systems, providing real-time information for clients and much more. The benefits spoke for themselves: providing near real-time information for its clients, better service, and mission-critical sustainability. 

For these stories and those of other customers who have turned to TIBCO to help them along in their digital transformation journey, download the eBook today.