Assemble Services, Applications, and Experiences

Data holds 100% of your business opportunities. Make sure it’s all accessible to your systems and people.

Accessing data, improving its quality, and getting it to the right employees, channels, processes, and devices unlocks your opportunities. Your data is in many places … in your systems, flowing from customer touchpoints or connected devices, exposed by partners and cloud applications through APIs, and in your employees’ heads, or the apps and documents they use. When you’re connected to it, you can create highly capable applications, sticky services, and great experiences. TIBCO gives you capabilities for the whole spectrum of integration use cases: connecting on premises and cloud applications, APIs and devices.

The Spectrum of Integration

From on-premises to cloud applications, microservices to APIs and connected devices, the TIBCO spectrum of integration covers all use cases. From the company that invented the Information Bus and API Management, you get a unique, end-to- end set of solutions supplying the enterprise connective tissue for all your digital initiatives.


Stop reinventing the wheel

With everything interconnected, you can leverage all capabilities available in your systems and innovate by developing new features; Constantly delight your customers and employees with new applications; combine the power of DevOps with integration to extend your application lifecycle; and deploy microservices architectures and scale them with hybrid architectures.

See what's happening now

Digital business spans walls and firewalls. By integrating devices, partners, and all sorts of applications, you acquire a unique visibility into context, and the ability to give customers truly customized experiences. And by exposing your services on your own channels and others, you multiply opportunities for conquering new audiences, expanding your horizons, and mastering new business models.

See what's happening now

Turn your focus to something of real value

Stop wasting development time and budget trying to solve integration challenges that are turn-key using our software. Instead, focus on solving challenges that will yield real value. Use current applications and systems in new contexts while decreasing their operations costs by adopting cloud and hybrid architectures.

Provide a great experience every time

Beyond the exciting speed of experimenting and the joy of discovering a unique digital gem, you need to seize opportunities. When that means scaling to serve massive audiences across channels while making each consumer feel they are your only focus, we’ve got you covered. Maximize your opportunities by rapidly innovating without inertia in your infrastructure and then scale your services in on-premises, hybrid, or cloud infrastructure to optimize your costs.

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