What can you do with Event Processing?

TIBCO What can you do with event processing
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The power of Event Processing is greater than ever before, with the ability to respond in real-time now a reality for all digital businesses. Digital businesses can be proactive rather than reactive—processing events as they occur—while allowing their technology to continually learn and improve operations. 

Event processing supports real-time decisionmaking by spotting key events in data streams and allowing digital businesses to act immediately to events, allowing them to engage customers, prevent churn, identify fraud, avoid machine failure, and more. 

Any business in any industry can gain a competitive advantage by investing in an event processing platform; so what can you do with event processing? 

Retail: Real-time event processing means up-to-date inventory management, and machine learning solutions allow you to create personalized offers for customers based on their previous shopping habits. 

Travel: Improve the passenger experience by providing real-time updates based on time changes, delays, gate changes, baggage claim locale, and more. 

Insurance: Offer your customers dynamic pricing based on real-time information. Offer new and creative discounts and incentives based on current trends. 

Healthcare: Use real-time event processing to monitor your patients’ conditions. You can react to and even prevent issues faster than ever before, improving their overall wellbeing. 

Manufacturing: Your manufacturing equipment can use event processing to detect errors and anomalies, and even predict trouble before it occurs, based on outliers in the equipment data. 

Banking: Detect and mitigate fraud with the help of real-time event processing, utilizing patterns to recognize potential threats before they occur. 

Event processing is a valuable solution in any industry, and it is more accessible than ever before. It used to be an expensive, complex set-up, requiring in-house storage and a dedicated IT team. The newer cloud-native options eliminate that cost and complexity. A cloud-native design also means you can process any amount of data at any scale, from anywhere, via the web. 

The ability to process massive amounts of data in real-time is imperative for any digital business that wants to remain relevant. Learn how you can turn your data into value with TIBCO Cloud™ Events software as a service—the cloud-native solution that enables digital businesses to identify meaningful events in time to influence the right outcomes.