#TIBCONOW Chicago Day 1: Building the Foundation for Innovation, Together

Steve Hurn, TIBCO Executive Vice President, Global Sales
Steve Hurn, TIBCO Executive Vice President, Global Sales
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The second leg of the 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour started off with a proverbial bang, with participants jumping right into Breakout Sessions, Hands-On Labs, and Certification exams. Tours and demos of all of TIBCO’s latest and greatest filled the Technology Hub and the General Sessions inspired with keynotes from top leaders in tech, capping off the afternoon.

As conference attendees wound down day one of #TIBCONOW Chicago at the evening’s Kick-off Party at Revel Motor Row, many mulled over the question, “Innovation is everywhere. What are you doing?

Innovation is a Team Sport

This year’s conference theme of Innovation Everywhere couldn’t be more relevant than here today at TIBCO NOW. TIBCO is a 25-year-old company that has been innovating for decades, and Steve Hurn, TIBCO’s executive vice president of global sales, kicked off the General Session by stating that “innovation can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but to TIBCO, it’s all about impact.” Further, innovation does not happen in isolation—innovation is a team sport. Hurn gave a nod to TIBCO’s customers and partners, explaining that everything worth doing is worth doing together.

Nelson Petracek, TIBCO chief technology officer, mirrored Hurn’s sentiment. Petracek works closely with customers and partners via TIBCO Labs, a series of projects the office of the CTO founded with the intent of seeing how our customers could benefit from emerging technologies. Together with TIBCO, customers and partners experiment and work with technologies that are constantly emerging and work to incorporate the latest innovations into their own businesses.


Petracek explained that TIBCO provides the innovative foundation upon which customers and partners can build their solutions. “The TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is about providing your platform for innovation,” said Petracek. “We want to help you find your path. What are your guiding principles, and how can we help you solve the problems facing your organization?” he asked the audience.

The Innovative Platform for our Partners

TIBCO partners also took the stage during the General Session, to highlight how teaming up with TIBCO helps businesses drive innovation. Tom Lubinski, president, CEO, and board chairman of SL Corporation, explained that his organization’s partnership has been crucial to its success because of TIBCO’s ability to adapt and change with the evolving technology landscape.

RTView, SL Corporation’s flagship product, has been using the latest generation of TIBCO solutions as its foundation for the past 15 years. “We’ve kept up with all the new technology TIBCO provides—but why should you care?” Lubinski asked. “Because if you are successful, we are successful. We help each other stay in business,” he explained.

David Totten, chief technology officer of Microsoft’s US Partner Ecosystem, announced an official partnership between Microsoft and TIBCO. The partnership will allow customers to integrate solutions within Microsoft Azure, with the hopes of providing a platform where they can “build something big, be bold, and take on whatever challenges necessary to follow through on their own organization’s mission statement.”

Product Announcements: TIBCO’s Latest Innovations

Subject matter experts and thought leaders from TIBCO shared the latest products and use cases with the audience, highlighting how the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud is the perfect example of innovation being better together. Here are a few of the latest product innovations discussed at TIBCO NOW:

  • TIBCO Cloud™ Integration – Connect, previously known as TIBCO Scribe®, is the first cloud service in Microsoft Azure® from TIBCO, with a strategic expansion to multi-cloud options.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® now boasts a new, local developer portal capability designed for customers who prefer to deploy and operate developer portals both on-premises and in private clouds.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® is now available on the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud platform for customer experience leaders, quality managers, business operations leaders, project managers, and cross-team collaboration.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® Web Client now includes support from TIBCO® Data Virtualization. TIBCO Data Virtualization allows web and mobile clients to load and refresh data and take advantage of its data federation and abstraction capabilities.
  • TIBCO Cloud™ Starters Toolkit from TIBCO LABS addresses multiple needs for developers building cloud solutions, including the ability to combine several TIBCO cloud capabilities into a single application.

Flipping the Innovation Model

The General Session concluded with some inspirational words from TIBCO chief operating officer Matt Quinn inviting everyone to reconsider what it means to be innovative by thinking about solving today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology. We must flip our business model on its head: “Instead of adding artificial intelligence (AI) into our products and services, we must use AI as the core foundation.” By doing so, we are infusing all of our solutions with the ability to be as flexible and adaptable as possible from the very beginning.

“The dawn is starting. We must build systems using AI as the core foundation, rather than adding AI on later. We like to think about this across all of our capabilities at TIBCO. How can AI be infused to make our software better, to help us be better?” Quinn asked. And TIBCO will continue to deliver.

Tune in tomorrow for a recap of day two, as well as additional blogs taking a deeper dive into the most talked-about topics at TIBCO NOW! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram at the hashtag #TIBCONOW.