Partners prove the value of Better Together at #TIBCONOW 2019

David Totten, Microsoft, Speaking at TIBCO NOW Chicago 2019
David Totten of Microsoft speaking at TIBCO NOW Chicago 2019
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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” said TIBCO CEO Dan Streetman, kicking off the #TIBCONOW 2019 Partner Summit. TIBCO partners are giving it their all and have come out in force at this year’s #TIBCONOW Chicago event. And we love it.

As Head of TIBCO Sales Steve Hurn said on the mainstage today, TIBCO has 200% more partners than we did two years ago and that number is only going up.

TIBCO’s goal is to enable partners to provide more value to their customers. “We develop many of our applications based on feedback from partners,” said Hurn, “and we continuously encourage innovation across our partner ecosystem, employees, and customers.”

We at TIBCO were excited to learn how Cognizant, a long-time elite TIBCO partner, is enabling one of their largest customers through TIBCO API management. Karthikeyan Ramachandran,  principal architect at Cognizant, led the breakout session “Building Digital Innovation at Scale with Speed-to-Market for a Top Global Consumer Goods Organization”. In the session, Ramachandran laid out the company’s plan for taking one customer from 25 APIs to a future of 300.

Ramachandran said, and we quote, “they had a vision for digital transformation and being API-led was key.” Thank you, Ramachandran, for confirming TIBCO’s commitment to API-led, contract-first solutions.

And even Cognizant’s Yogeshwar Pandey jumped into the action to say he is “really excited about all the recent enhanced partner coordination and how TIBCO is increasingly enabling the partner community. It’s an exciting time.”

Tom Lubinski from SL Corporation, an elite TIBCO partner, also took the mainstage to emphasize how important it is for companies to stay ahead and “be in every new wave of technology that comes along.” That’s why they are excited to be working with TIBCO’s newest wave of technology, including Flogo. Lubinski said this type of “new wave” technology “empowers your frontline workers with timely information to help them provide the best customer service.”

David Totten from Microsoft, yet another elite TIBCO partner, closed out the keynote reiterating the fact that Microsoft is no longer just about Windows and MS Office. How, similarly to TIBCO, Microsoft’s goal is to “empower every person and every organization to achieve more. We believe in big broad goals. We want to be aggressive in how we can make the world a better place through the use of technology.” We applaud you for saying this so perfectly Mr. Totten, and we applaud all of our partners here at TIBCO.

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