An All-In-One Data Management Solution for Everyone

All-in-one data management solution TIBCO EBX
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To ensure successful business outcomes and to gain a competitive advantage, businesses today need to have a comprehensive, clear view of the data from all their various (and many) disparate data sources.

Why treat your different data sources as separate from each other? In reality, all of your shared data assets are intrinsically linked and should be managed that way.

The TIBCO EBX platform provides an all-in-one solution for managing, governing, and consuming all of your data. The platform does the job of multiple products, supporting both the operational and analytical parts of your business.

Think about it this way: when data is used by organizations for operations, governance, or analytics projects, you want all the relevant data combined in one place. Workflows and business processes are interlinked, so your data should be too.

For instance, often times companies separate out important data simply because one group of data is transactional (such as customer transactions, partner transaction, etc.) and the other is more operational (industry codes, job codes, private reference data, etc.). People often refer to this distinction as master data versus reference data. However, you need all of the data from both groups working and living together to get an accurate understanding of your company and your customers.

The EBX™ platform is capable of supporting many of your data management needs, including master data management (MDM), reference data management, hierarchy management, metadata management, data governance, and data cataloging—all in one place.

With the EBX solution, all the different capabilities you need to gain a complete view of your data are on one platform, in one system, with one consistent UI. Thanks to its ability to support a wide array of use cases, the EBX solution scored number one in five of the six major use cases examined in the Gartner Critical Capabilities 2019 report for Master Data Management.

Empower Everyone in Your Business

It’s crucial to make sure that your data management solution doesn’t just work for data stewards or other expert data users such as developers and analysts. You need to make it user-friendly enough to appeal to a wide audience in order to maintain data consistency across the entire organization. Everyone needs to be on the same page about your company’s data or their behaviors (and your results) will never truly change.

But how do you accomplish this wide-ranging appeal? The EBX solution has got you covered, giving different perspectives of the data that appeal to different user groups. It also functions on mobile apps that allow you to distribute information to everyone in your organization easily. User adoption is one of the critical factors in keeping an MDM program going and should be a priority from the beginning.

At the end of the day, you need one system that will do it all for everyone. Only the EBX platform can satisfy all your data management needs and help various teams in your business collaborate to solve problems faster.

Watch this introductory webinar to learn more about how you can connect all your data assets with the EBX solution and digitally transform your business.