Life-Saving Heart Valves, an Insufficient Integration System, and Triumph in the Cloud

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A few years ago, Edwards Lifesciences was at a crossroads. They were growing at an astounding rate and their legacy integration system just wasn’t cutting it. For the producer of life-saving transcatheter heart valves, their systems need to be operational at all times.

Edwards Lifesciences’ Rajeev Bhardwaj, Sr. Director of Enterprise Technology, explained their predicament at a breakout session at TIBCO NOW 2018: “We knew we had two options. To hire the best talent and build an on-premises data center and spend two years to become marginally good. Or, move to the cloud with TIBCO and AWS and become world class quickly. Since we wanted to make a high impact right away, we decided to go 100% cloud.”

But even though Edwards Lifesciences was thinking big, the medical device company decided it was best to act small. Edwards Lifesciences had a vast enterprise architecture that didn’t talk to each other and was very fragmented. They had thousands of apps to move to the cloud, but they made a plan that was simple, practical, and actionable.

As a result, Edwards Lifesciences fast-tracked the migration of their on-premises applications to AWS including the TIBCO platform. The entire project was complete in 7 months, with 95% of their infrastructure on AWS.

Said Rajeev: “Now, with the TIBCO platform on AWS, there are more opportunities because you can see everything. A great story I like to talk about is that now we can see when no one is on our development environment. So, we get to turn off our dev environment every Friday and that’s an instant 30% discount.  We’ve never had levers like this before.”

To read the full customer case study, please visit Edwards Lifesciences on TIBCO.