TIBCO Brings Joy This Holiday Season with Connected Intelligence

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Catching an important flight home. Staying at your favorite hotel. And buying the perfect gift for that special someone. As many around the world begin the trek to visit family and friends this holiday season, underpinning their travel and shopping experiences are a number of companies who rely on TIBCO technology to ensure the holidays stay fun and festive. Today, we recap how some TIBCO customers are helping you enjoy this holiday season.


Throughout the holiday season, millions take to the skies to travel home for the holidays. An airline innovation leader, JetBlue turned to TIBCO Spotfire to visualize real-time flight and passenger information. Spotfire helps JetBlue optimize its customer experiences, so they can accommodate all their customer needs such as special meal requests and disabled access. JetBlue has been able to surface crucial, real-time data to the in-flight, crew, airports, and business partners at just the right time. Additionally, Spotfire has made it possible for JetBlue to proactively problem solve to accommodate customers in the case of delayed or canceled flights.

So, if you are anxious about being delayed at the airport this holiday season, TIBCO and JetBlue have your back!

AccorHotels / Hotelbeds Group / IHG

If you’re traveling this holiday season, chances are you will need a place to stay. Several of the world’s top hotel brands rely on TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions to provide excellent customer service and more customized travel experiences.

To deal with the growth in transaction volumes, AccorHotels, digital pioneer and world leader in travel and lifestyle, needed a solution that could support scalability, simplify both its technical architecture and the ergonomics of services, and foster the openness of its services to enable easy integration with partners. By implementing TIBCO’s integration solutions and TIBCO Spotfire, AccorHotels easily supported an increase in transaction volume by 300 percent. This capacity and performance, and the ability to scale to support growing traffic have already improved AccorHotels customer experiences and it will only get better over time.

Similarly, Hotelbeds Group, a leading bedbank and a business-to-business provider of services to the global travel industry, was also dealing with an increase in customer traffic.  So they too turned to TIBCO using TIBCO’s API management platform to help scale to meet their fast growing business. With TIBCO Cloud Mashery, Hotelbeds Group is able to handle up to 430 million data requests per day from users worldwide— 6,000 data requests a second at peak. At the same time, TIBCO Cloud Mashery allows Hotelbeds Group to give customers a simple two-step booking process thereby improving their booking experience.

As omnichannel distribution in the travel industry becomes increasingly part of the new world order, it is critical for large enterprises to keep a solid grasp on customers and maintain reach across travel sites and channels to provide better experiences. IHG, one of the world’s leading hotel brands, turned to TIBCO Cloud Mashery to create a dynamic self-service partner portal, enabling partners to provide customized experiences for travelers shopping on general or niche travel booking sites. As a result, IHG saw a 27 percent revenue increase year-over-year and a 37 percent increase in average order value through the API program.


You can’t have the holiday season without shopping. Like travel, shopping has become more omnichannel, so it’s crucial for retailers to provide a stellar customer experience to reach shoppers on whatever platform they choose to shop.

To improve the mobile experience and increase online traffic, Macy’s needed an API management solution that would help get relevant product data to customers quickly, so they could find what they wanted right away. TIBCO provided Macy’s with TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® API management to optimize their APIs and gain market share and awareness among the millennial market. This has improved Macy’s mobile app, which has the highest traffic and is where customers are spending most of their time. Macy’s has also seen an increase in conversion rates through the new and improved mobile app.

No matter where you are traveling to or where you are shopping, TIBCO helps give our customers the tools and solutions they need to create a painless and enjoyable customer experience for you this holiday season.

On behalf of all of us at TIBCO, we wish a very happy holiday and a prosperous new year.