Modernize your Software Stack with TIBCO and Infosys

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Evolving market forces are transforming large enterprises, and technology is at the core of this shift. Successful businesses today remain that way because they are willing to evolve and innovate to stay ahead in their markets. With the advent of faster and smarter technology advancements, organizations are integrating new devices, apps, IoT, and API platforms into their business models to drive competitive advantage.

Digital modernization comes with many challenges, but doing so results in myriad benefits, including the freeing up of resources, more efficient business processes, and quicker insights—resulting in faster decision-making. But before you decide to reorganize, do your research on the products and technologies available and make sure your business is ready.

Infosys and TIBCO are both experts in the realm of digital transformation. TIBCO helps businesses through the process while allowing them to maintain full autonomy and digital sovereignty over data and analysis. Infosys is a driver of digitalization from the core, helping customers to craft digital solutions, launch digital-first market offerings, and gain insight from data.

TIBCO and Infosys have partnered to bring you a webinar to help you move forward with digital transformation, including:

  • Leveraging your current assets and modernizing your current technology core
  • Implementing an API-led management system
  • Migrating your business data and applications to the cloud
  • Driving the consumer experience through a future-ready Digital Consumer Platform

Check out this joint webinar to learn more about how TIBCO and Infosys can help you transform your business by modernizing your software stack today.

Learn more about how TIBCO® Connected Intelligence and TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery, can fuel your digital business.