Build an enterprise nervous system for business agility

Visualizing and making decisions using historical data alone means you're using yesterday's "too late" information—not even considering the value of recent customer interactions, events, and opportunities. Apache Kafka provides real-time streaming that powers an event-driven architecture. With Kafka, you can feed a real-time stream processing engine for up-to-the-minute information that can help you gain a competitive edge. TIBCO helps you supercharge Kafka and build your enterprise nervous system by democratizing insights provided from real-time data and sharing them throughout the enterprise.

Operational Excellence with TIBCO

Unlock the potential of your real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. Take large amounts of data and apply new technologies like IoT devices and AI-driven applications, to create a new innovation advantage.

Supercharge Apache Kafka with TIBCO

Build your real-time enterprise nervous system

  • Future-proof operational analytics
  • Turn events into action
  • Analyze historical & real-time data
  • World-class support and engineering
Future-proof operational analytics

Visualize and explore Apache Kafka streaming data and even combine it with historical event information. Lines-of-business can easily mine data for insights via self-service tools. All visualizations are dynamically interactive, reflecting real-time analysis and predictions directly on event streams by way of embedded data science and machine learning models.

Turn events into action

Apache Kafka streaming functions deliver event messages to your enterprise apps securely and reliably, allowing you to turn your rich data streams into meaningful actions. With aggregation, join, and filter functions, you can identify and react to events as they occur in real time to delight your customers and sustain a competitive advantage.

Analyze historical & real-time data

Compare present and past using direct connectors in a virtual data layer. Create an enterprise-grade data foundation that facilitates cross-silo data integration, hides complexity, and supports API security, manageability, and governance.

World-class support and engineering

Trust a messaging leader with over 25 years' experience building mission-critical software that powers the modern world. TIBCO helps you keep your Kafka infrastructure up and running with follow-the-sun support and a top-notch engineering team. With TIBCO's industry-leading messaging expertise and innovation, you can use Apache Kafka with confidence, backed by enterprise-class support.

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