TIBCO® Messaging Quasar - Powered by Apache Pulsar™

Simplified streaming and queueing in a single open source project, with enterprise-class support

The options for application-to-application communication have grown exponentially, including the addition of several very powerful open source solutions. Apache Pulsar, a fast-growing alternative to Kafka, simplifies adoption of both streaming and traditional message queuing by offering everything in a single project. Apache Pulsar delivers low latency, highly scalable messaging that is easily deployable on a global level. TIBCO® Messaging draws on more than 25 years of industry-leading experience in high-performance messaging technology to offer enterprise-class, 24x7, “follow-the-sun” support for TIBCO Messaging Quasar - Powered by Apache Pulsar™.

Great Apache Pulsar performance

Get Great Performance

You do not have to worry about your systems being able to handle the levels of scale and agility required for digital business. The TIBCO Messaging Quasar architecture, with its in-memory cache, built-in load balancer, and auto replication allows you to scale the system to meet the most demanding of loads with very little latency.

Easily meet deployment requirements with apache pulsar

Easily Meet Requirements

If your requirements include deploying into multiple availability zones or data centers, TIBCO Messaging Quasar simplifies the task. The built in geo-replication feature can replicate data among any number of clusters simplifying enterprise deployments.

World-class Apache Pulsar support

Rely on World-class Support

Trust a messaging leader with over 25 years of experience building mission-critical software that powers the modern world. Our support services group is a global organization with "follow-the-sun" support to ensure you’ll get help whenever it is needed. With support centers located around the world, we are the ideal partner for all your messaging needs.

Meet all of you messaging needs with Apache Pulsar

Meet All Your Messaging Needs

TIBCO Messaging offers the most comprehensive messaging portfolio, including fully distributed high-performance peer-to-peer messaging, certified Jakarta Messaging, open source messaging supporting Apache Pulsar, Apache Kafka and MQTT, and web, mobile and IoT messaging in a single, seamlessly integrated platform.

What's New

TIBCO continues support of open source technologies with the addition of TIBCO® Messaging Quasar - Powered by Apache Pulsar as a fully-supported component of the TIBCO Messaging portfolio. This addition ensures that users of the highly popular Apache pub-sub messaging system can leverage TIBCO Messaging to create a single, fully integrated application communication infrastructure, giving developers the freedom to choose the right messaging tool for the job at hand.