TIBCO® Messaging Castle - Powered by Apache Kafka®

Build streaming data pipelines and apps with enterprise-class support for Apache Kafka

As organizations shift to a digital business model, they will have massive amounts of streaming data that present the opportunity to leverage it in context-rich manners to drive business outcomes. Efficient data distribution and stream processing is what Apache Kafka® was designed to do. TIBCO® Messaging Castle - Powered by Apache Kafka® draws on more than 25 years of industry-leading experience in high-performance messaging technology to offer enterprise-class, 24x7, “follow-the-sun” support for Apache Kafka.


Turn events into action with continuous streaming

When looking to handle large data feeds, the publish/subscribe and streaming functions of TIBCO Messaging Castle provide secure, reliable message delivery. From those data streams, you can glean insights that can be turned into purposeful actions. With complex functions such as aggregations, joins, and filters, you’re able to perform stateful computations to identify and react to events as they occur in real time to sustain a competitive advantage.

Complement your open source messaging implementations

Add web, mobile, and IoT messaging, world-class integration, streaming analytics, and other enterprise platform capabilities to TIBCO Messaging Castle, allowing architects and developers to provide a broader messaging solution that includes expanded capabilities and first-class global support.

World-class engineering and support

Trust a leader in messaging with over 25 years of experience building mission-critical software that powers the modern world as we know it. Our support services group is a global organization that uses a "follow-the-sun" model to ensure that support is available whenever it is needed. With support centers located around the world, we are the ideal partner for all your messaging needs.

Broadest messaging portfolio

TIBCO Messaging offers the most comprehensive messaging portfolio, including fully distributed high-performance peer-to-peer messaging, certified Jakarta Messaging, open source messaging supporting Apache Kafka and MQTT, and web, mobile and IoT messaging in a single, seamlessly integrated platform.

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What's New

TIBCO announces the addition of TIBCO® Messaging Castle - Powered by Apache Kafka® to TIBCO Messaging. Backed by TIBCO’s 25 years of industry-leading messaging expertise and innovation, businesses using Apache Kafka can take advantage of enterprise-class support for their messaging infrastructure. This announcement includes:

  • TIBCO supplied distribution of Apache Kafka
  • Available as a component in the free Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition of TIBCO Messaging
  • Bridge for full integration with the rest of TIBCO Messaging

High-performance messaging for modern applications

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