Amplify web and mobile communication

Easily make data securely available beyond your corporate walls

When dealing with web-scale use cases, traditional HTTP-based web apps have severe limitations in that they either don’t provide real-time communications or do so using a lot of overhead. Securely connecting to your on-premise services can be a daunting and complicated task. However, with TIBCO eFTL™, you can extend the power, flexibility, and scalability of TIBCO® Messaging; reduce your hardware footprint; and quickly get messages where they need to be for optimal digital-business performance.

Connect mobile and web traffic

Connect mobile and web traffic

Don't jam up performance when your products and services catch fire with millions of mobile and Internet users. TIBCO eFTL messaging seamlessly scales real-time data distribution to outside users. TIBCO eFTL can operate on its own or work directly with the other TIBCO Messaging components, addressing all your inter-application needs.

Provide secure, reliable communications

TIBCO eFTL delivers real-time, two-way, fully guaranteed message delivery and secure connectivity to backend systems and data, that you can ensure web and mobile user satisfaction and productivity.

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Reduce complication and tie in obscure systems

No complicated application and proxy server configurations are needed along with firewall-friendly communication protocols. Just a simple API and a clustered gateway to access backend data. Libraries for standalone applications are provided to integrate with legacy and non-standard systems.

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Risk-free innovation

Available as a Community Edition offering free development, test, and limited production use, TIBCO eFTL gives you the chance to experiment and innovate without having to make hefty upfront investments.

What's New

Introducing TIBCO eFTL - Community Edition, a free version of eFTL for development test and initial production use.

  • Zero cost for development and entry-level production
  • Registration-free access to software
  • Strong community support for initial/small deployments

TIBCO announces the addition of Apache Kafka and MQTT to TIBCO Messaging. Backed by TIBCO’s 25 years of industry-leading messaging expertise and innovation, businesses using Apache Kafka or MQTT can take advantage of enterprise-class support for their messaging infrastructure. This announcement includes:

  • TIBCO supplied distribution of Apache Kafka®: TIBCO® Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution
  • TIBCO supplied distribution of Eclipse Mosquitto™: TIBCO® Messaging - Eclipse Mosquitto Distribution
  • Available as a component in the free Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition of TIBCO Messaging

TIBCO Messaging - Enterprise Edition is available as a single subscription which includes all TIBCO Messaging components1 starting at $750 per year per stand-alone client instance or 100 web/mobile/IoT client instances.

1 TIBCO Messaging includes TIBCO FTL®, TIBCO eFTL™, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™, TIBCO® Messaging - Apache Kafka Distribution, and TIBCO® Messaging - Eclipse Mosquitto Distribution.

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