Your Reviews Are In: TIBCO is a Leader Across Multiple G2 Solution Categories

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TIBCO is excited to announce G2 Spring 2023 Leadership awards for capabilities like integration, visual analytics, and master data management. This distinction demonstrates TIBCO’s influence in the market, awarded solely based on what users have to say.

G2 helps business professionals make more informed technology decisions based on feedback from trusted reviewers. G2 reports that 92 percent of customers “won’t make a purchase without a trust badge or a logo on a website.” TIBCO Cloud™ Integration, TIBCO EBX®, and Spotfire® software have each been awarded Leader Badges, meaning they are top performers in their respective categories. 

Spotfire Awarded Multiple Categories

Award-winning Spotfire visual analytics have won Leader awards in Streaming Analytics, Analytics Platform, Enterprise Analytics Platform, and Mid-market Analytics Platform. Spotfire has been ranked highly for data querying, user satisfaction, and data governance.

When asked “what do you like best about Spotfire, one user wrote, “TIBCO Spotfire as a platform provides all the solutions that can cater the data analytics and reporting requirements. Spotfire can connect to literally any data source available out there and pull data in seconds. The additional functionality for data transformation, data cleansing along with its powerful scripting capabilities makes it one of the best BI platform available in the market.” Read the full review here.

Another user wrote, “It has very advanced data visualization capabilities that allow to explore and understand complex data quickly. Spotfire can connect to a wide variety of data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services, and can handle large volumes of data which help us create magic.” Read the full review here.

Spotfire closes the gap between business insights and business outcomes in a fully governed, scalable analytics platform. Learn more reasons why customers love Spotfire visual analytics on the G2 Spotfire product page.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Voted Leader in iPaaS

TIBCO Cloud Integration has been voted a Spring 2023 Leader in the category of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). It has been ranked highly for communication protocol, flow designer, managed file transfers, and security standards.

One user wrote, “The drag and drop designer tool is very helpful. It helps create Microservice applications and APIs quickly and deploy them in the cloud in a very short time. It has also a Profiles feature in which multiple profiles can be used for the same app. Each profile can be used as a property file for respective environments.” Read the full review here.

Another user wrote, “This tool helps clients to have a faster solution, and it requires very minimal knowledge to handle the tool which stands as one of the best tools in the market.” Read the full review here.

TIBCO Cloud Integration software provides self-service integration capabilities that empowers anyone to quickly and easily connect information assets no matter where they are located. Read what customers have to say on the G2 TIBCO Cloud Integration product page.

TIBCO EBX Keeps a Winning Streak

TIBCO® EBX software has received Spring and Enterprise 2023 Leader Badges in the Master Data Management Category. EBX has been ranked highly for hierarchy management, reference data management, metadata management, and relationship mapping. You can check out G2’s TIBCO® EBX product page to hear more from real customers.

One wrote, “When customers asks ‘can I do this in EBX,’ the answer is usually yes. EBX is very flexible and allows for extensions to be added to accomplish most of what organizations value the most—good quality data, production hardened integrations, and powerful workflows.” Read the full review here.

Another customer wrote, “TIBCO EBX is MDM product which provides good services and feature which make a business more self relient. It is very good for data asset management tool. It helps businesses a lot.” Read the full review here.

This isn’t the first time EBX has taken home the trophy. Learn more about the awards TIBCO EBX software has won.

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