5 Ways to Unlock the Power of Your Data

Unlock the Power of your Data with TIBCO
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While it won’t be the same as seeing you in person, we are excited about bringing you the  TIBCO NOW Connected Experience, taking place on September 22-24. This year’s event is about sustainable innovation and using data to find the next breakthrough for your most pressing business challenges. Choose from several registration options, including a no-cost package, for an event that works best for you. You won’t want to miss our many expert speakers from multiple industries, including Toto Wolf, the Team Principal & CEO of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. The current champions use TIBCO technology to effectively connect their real-time data and enhance its intelligence to deliver championship performances. 

Check out the global agenda and learn more about the speakers and breakout sessions with Biogen, SARA Assicurazioni, and many other great customers. Register now.  

Continue reading to learn five other ways TIBCO can help you unlock the power of your data to enhance your customer experiences today! 

CXO Insight of the Month: 10 Steps to Creating a Data-driven Culture

Being data-driven has become an organizational necessity. But building and cultivating a data-driven culture is hard, even at times overwhelming. Putting the talent and processes in place is only half the battle. The other half is creating a cultural shift to reliance on data for decision-making. This article from Harvard Business Review lays out 10 steps that will help you navigate and improve your organization’s cultural shift.

Overcome Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization

While you may be adopting more cloud platforms to solve business needs, you may also be realizing that there are data problems that go with it. You’re not alone; many organizations with hybrid and multi-cloud environments now face cloud data silos and the need for cloud data integration. Leveraging data virtualization may be the right solution. Read this paper that compares approaches for overcoming and integrating cloud data silos. 

Choose a Messaging System for a Truly Digital Enterprise 

As organizations like yours are becoming data-rich, the challenge becomes organizing it across systems to produce the ability to drive decisions. To do this, many organizations are turning to open-source tools like Apache Kafka to integrate software systems with real-time analytics.  But how do you know which tool will be right for your business? Read this whitepaper that details many of the messaging solutions out there to help you make the right choice.

Get Certified: Spotfire X TIBCO Certified Professional Exam Is Now Open

Take the next step to acquire even more TIBCO product knowledge so you can drive innovation and uncover the next great opportunity for your organization.  For Spotfire X users, we’re excited to share the Spotfire X TIBCO Certified professional exam, which both helps your organization and adds a certification to your accomplishments. Not a TIBCO Spotfire user? Learn about other certifications and education opportunities offered by TIBCO Academy.

TIBCO Tech Talks: Insights that Fit Your Schedule

Our goal with TIBCO Tech Talks, our ongoing informal but informative podcast series, is to provide insights, updates, and innovation inspiration. In one of our recent episodes, product marketing managers Derek Birdsong and Kevin Larsen talked about how a responsive application architecture makes your business more resilient and creates a foundation for rapid innovation. Enjoy this episode and more on SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Podcasts.

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These are just a few ways that TIBCO can help your organization transform. At TIBCO, we know that data is the transformative energy of the modern enterprise. When organizations tap into the power of their data, they innovate, collaborate, and grow. They place customers at the center of business strategies, use data-driven insights to optimize execution at every opportunity, and they recast the value potential of data and intelligence to new channels, customers, and streams of revenue.

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With more than 14 leadership positions from top industry analysts including Gartner and Forrester, TIBCO can help your organization confidently predict business outcomes with real-time data-driven intelligence. At TIBCO, we give businesses what they need to succeed. Learn more about how TIBCO can unlock the value of your company’s real-time data, Contact Us for a more personalized plan, check out last month’s tips, and check the blog next month for more tips on how to unlock the power of your data.