TIBCO and the New Era of Kafka Enterprise Analytics

Mark Palmer, senior vice president of analytics, TIBCO
Steve Warwick, principal engineer, TIBCO
Rob MacNeill, principal engineer, TIBCO

Developers love Kafka because it's an easy way to integrate software systems with real-time data. But while Kafka provides a lot of value to developers, business users are blind to any insights that might be found flowing through it. Until now.

Recent analytics technology innovations make it easy to explore what’s happening inside your Kafka infrastructure, by making Kafka topics native for self-service business intelligence. Better yet, it can now take just a few minutes to connect Kafka to a real-time, visual analytics tool. And better yet still, the insights you can uncover are real time.

Download this whitepaper to learn how business intelligence and advanced analytics tools can work seamlessly with your Kafka infrastructure to pull off use cases like these:

  • Bank risk officers can continually check for anomalies within trades, orders, market data, client activity, account activity, that indicate suspicious trading activity, profitable trading opportunities, and potential compliance violations.
  • Supply chain, logistics, and transportation firms can query the future of sensor data from connected vehicles, assets, and supply chain partners in real time, identifying the most impactful problems and opportunities to help analysts optimize future logistical challenges.
  • Smart City analysts can monitor Kafka data from GPS, traffic sensors, buses and trains to help predict and react to dangerous conditions before they cause harm or surprise, and to delight citizens with exceptional service.
  • Energy companies can analyze sensor data from industrial equipment to spot and prevent production issues before they happen. An oil and gas customer say these systems lead to billions of dollars in savings.

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