TIBCO Integration: Seamlessly connected with Snowflake for optimal data performance

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Many enterprises have rapidly accelerated the transition to digital business to meet quickly changing market conditions and customer expectations. In fact, according to IDG’s 2023 Digital Business Study, “93% of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy.”

However, to become a digital-first business, enterprises must navigate the complexities of connecting various data sources distributed across the cloud, on-premises, IoT, and more. Failing to address these challenges leads to inconsistent, inaccurate and unsecured data sources, which ultimately delays digital initiatives and leaves a business behind the competition.

The combined power of TIBCO and Snowflake

TIBCO, with its powerful Integration capability, provides a variety of pre-built connectors to a variety of endpoints—including the Snowflake Data Cloud. Together, TIBCO and Snowflake can help businesses overcome their data challenges and create a single and easily accessible data source to power digital business initiatives. 

Using TIBCO Integration, users can connect any data source to Snowflake Data Cloud—while performing any required data transformations. Check out just a few of the things your business can do with the power of TIBCO and Snowflake below: 

  • Eliminate data silos through seamless data access across your business  
  • Securely share data with stakeholders inside and outside the business
  • Make better business decisions based on real-time data
  • Seamlessly migrate data between any source with minimal downtime
  • Power your AI initiatives with reliable data pipelines 
  • Simplify the development of data-intensive applications
  • Improve data security and governance

Verified Snowflake connectivity 

In case you missed it—TIBCO is a proud partner of Snowflake and our TIBCO Snowflake connectors, TIBCO Flogo® Enterprise and TIBCO BusinessWorks™ software,  have received accreditation through the Snowflake Ready Validation Program! This program highlights and certifies partners that have built integration connectors that perform to the highest levels of functionality, as outlined by third party validators. The native connectors are tested by Snowflake partner, Persistent Systems, along with TIBCO in five essential areas.

The 5 validated areas where TIBCO stands out:

  • Deployment: Testing to guarantee that once the connector is installed, it functions correctly with no impact on TIBCO Integration or Snowflake Data Cloud functionality
  • Security: Ensuring that the connector delivers secure data sharing across an organization, external applications, and partners
  • Performance: Validating that the connector delivers top quality performance throughout variable traffic fluctuations
  • Documentation: Confirming the connector accurately tracks the movement of data to ensure compliance with data protection requirements
  • Cross-cloud compliance: Verifying connector performance across complex multi-cloud environments

Future-forward with TIBCO Integration 

We’re proud to partner and offer accelerated enterprise connectivity with Snowflake, along with many others, to enable superior business performance, insights, and results. To learn more about the future-forward, mission-critical enterprise power TIBCO can bring to your business, keep an eye out for an exciting upcoming announcement!In the meantime, if you’re looking to follow along with TIBCO updates and news more closely, stay connected with us on LinkedIn!