Transforming Data into Insights with the 30/30/30 Play

Transforming to the Cloud with TIBCO
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As with any team sport, winning the game of football demands that a team has the right players and the right set of plays in their playbook – such as the Option, Bootleg, Draw, Screen, and of course, the Hail Mary in American football. Those with the best of both, players and plays, end up playing deep into the championship season.

Winning in digital transformation also requires that you have the right players and the right set of plays.  A key player on your team should be TIBCO Cloud, a digital platform that provides the fastest, easiest path to digital transformation.  And your play is the “30/30/30”. We’re going to break down both of these in this article.

First, let’s talk about your players, because without players, you can’t execute a play. TIBCO Cloud provides a number of ready-to-use services or “players” to stick with the analogy.  They rapidly expand your digital business capabilities through easy access to all of the TIBCO capabilities in the cloud. All of these services come with a centralized team management system, subscription overview and single sign-on to ensure you can utilize them without interruption.  The services strengthen each other through deep integration, taking advantage of TIBCO’s products strengths and limiting overlapping use cases.

TIBCO Cloud allows you to try-and-buy the following capabilities:

  • API-led hybrid integration 
  • Business process mapping 
  • Easy low code app development 
  • Cloud auditing for any application 
  • Full lifecycle API management 
  • Event processing for real-time decisions making
  • Cloud messaging for reliable and secure data distribution
  • Data visualization and discovery

Increasingly, businesses are embracing a mix of proprietary commercial applications and tools alongside open-source software and broad sharing. TIBCO takes an equally open perspective. Our services mix within TIBCO Cloud includes many open source offerings, and our core design architectures are natively supportive of interconnectivity to open source components of many cross-capabilities solutions.

WIth TIBCO Cloud, you will uncover insights rapidly and gain maximum value from your information assets within a single cloud environment that enables you to quickly connect everything, capture data in real time wherever it is, and apply intelligence to cultivate highly valuable insights. Inspire innovation everywhere.  You will easily turn ideas into innovation throughout your business with tailored experiences that empowers people in all types of roles to adapt technology themselves to help them work smarter, and to collaborate with each other seamlessly. And you will embrace digital transformation confidently by partnering with a trusted vendor in TIBCO that has helped thousands of customers across the globe build compelling experiences, energize their operations, and propel innovation.

Now let’s talk about your play, the 30/30/30. Because it is easy to use, you will be able to navigate to any of the TIBCO Cloud services within 30 seconds.  Then, through contextual help, guides, examples and videos, you will be able to achieve your first success within 30 minutes. And the best part is that you can try any of the services within TIBCO Cloud for 30 days at no charge.  That’s the 30/30/30 play with TIBCO Cloud—a simple strategy for winning the game of digital business.

Whether you are the coach of a football team, or a leader of a digital transformation strategy, your players and your plays determine your success.  With TIBCO Cloud, you will lay a solid foundation for digital innovation.