Netspend Manages Data So Customers Can Manage Money Their Way

Netspend Manages Data So Customers Can Manage Money Their Way TIBCO
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Traditional banking isn’t for everyone. Netspend offers safe, convenient, practical alternatives so customers can manage money their way. With prepaid card and consumer payment solutions, Netspend serves 68 million consumers and businesses with alternative financial services, allowing them the freedom and security to be self-banked.

In fact, Netspend just celebrated its 20th anniversary in March. Over those 20 years, the Austin-based company has established more than 120,000 card distribution sites and 130,000 card reload locations. With so many customers and businesses relying on Netspend’s services at sites across the U.S., Netspend deals with massive amounts of financial data every day. But until recently, it lacked a simple way to leverage that data as a unified, single source of intelligence.

A Credit to Great Customer Experiences 

Netspend needed this single source of truth ultimately to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Customer experience has always been a top priority for the company given the industry’s reliance on loyal customers and brand ambassadors to grow and sustain it. 

With TIBCO EBX software, Netspend has transformed, simplified, and streamlined its previously time-consuming and manual business processes. Netspend can now ensure excellence and consistency in its financial services to customers and businesses. The company is now able to solve any data problems that may arise by easily moving data faster than ever before and by providing transparency to all business users across the company.

This has not only helped the prepaid debit card leader to better serve its customers and partners, but also empowered business users to take ownership of the data and manage it with easy-to-use tools. And with a single solution to govern all its data, Netspend can better guarantee the security of its customers’ data, a must-have with today’s level of risks, regulations, and data breaches.

To learn more about how Netspend uses TIBCO EBX to manage all its data and ensure consistent, excellent customer experiences, check out the full case study.