Are Your Reports Unloved and Unused?

TIBCO Are Your Reports Unloved and Unused?
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Every company today is producing massive amounts of data each day, but most organizations struggle with using and distributing it effectively. A lack of data is not the problem. Your company’s systems provide heaps of essential business information. The headache is getting your colleagues to actually use that information to make decisions and take actions. 

You’re probably familiar with some of the reasons why, but here are the main ones: 

1.     Cumbersome to access reports

2.     Canned reports that don’t provide the personalized data needed

3.     Unattractive and difficult to read and analyze reports

It is surprisingly common to hear companies complain of their internal reports being “ugly.” For example, one of the world’s leading haute couture fashion houses had created its own internal reporting system, but the reports that were delivered to the creative teams were often untouched. The biggest complaint was that the reports did not meet the brand’s expectations and high standards. The dashboards were seen as not fitting for the french luxury design house, and they turned to TIBCO Jaspersoft® for “élégante” reports.  With Jaspersoft®’s user-friendly report designer, you can control the look and feel of your reports and dashboards down to the pixel level, improving the user experience and customizing it for your brand.  

Another issue we often hear from many companies is that getting the reports–whether canned or customized–is difficult, cumbersome, and time-consuming. Data-intensive reports need to be simple for everyone to use, not just for IT and developers. Recently, Jaspersoft® worked with a global publishing company that wanted to replace its OpenText reporting software. The report usage by the sales and finance teams had plummeted. It needed an easier way to provide access to reports quickly without any technical expertise needed.  Using Jaspersoft® embedded reporting and analytics, non-technical users were able to interact with the data in an environment they were already comfortable with. These more immersive experiences drove user adoption and improved usage by teams that had previously abandoned the reports. 

These are just a few examples of how Jaspersoft® can help you design easy-to-understand reports that every user will love. If your reports have become neglected and obsolesced, perhaps you need a new reporting tool.

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