TIBCO NOW Partner Summit London: Seizing Opportunities, Together

Jason Johns Partner Summit TIBCO NOW London 2019
Jason Johns, VP of Global Partners and Alliances at TIBCO, addresses the crowd at the 2019 TIBCO NOW Partner Summit in London
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“We’re here to seize an opportunity. The opportunities today are greater than they ever were before. More things right now are connected than were just two seconds ago, and there’s exponentially more data available right now than there was a year ago,” Dan Streetman, TIBCO CEO, greeted the room with this exciting declaration at last week’s final 2019 TIBCO NOW Partner Summit in London. 

“We at TIBCO, with our partners, are well-positioned to take advantage of that. Our job is to help you connect that data, help you unify it, then help you augment it. We are well situated to give every organization we work with that data sovereignty,” Streetman stated. The Partner Summit drew a crowd of more than 250 partners from the UK and European regions, where Streetman and other TIBCO executives shared their perspectives on the future of data and going #TIBCOfast

Steve Hurn, TIBCO’s Executive Vice President of Sales, opened the Partner Summit with a special thanks to the event sponsors, including platinum sponsors Infosys and Microsoft, then shared some promising data on the current state of the global partner program. 

“In the last two years, we have seen a 3,000% growth on partner deals, and signed 118 new partners in the last quarter alone,” Hurn shared. “We’re only just getting started. We’re excited to have you here as part of that ecosystem.” 

Vice President of Global Partners and Alliances, Jason Johns, shared projected growth and a 1000% increased investment in TIBCO partner resources. By working together, TIBCO is committed to enabling partners to be the leaders who solve their customers’ innovation challenges with the most value.

“We are looking for full engagement with our partners. We aren’t a channel, we are a partner community. I invite you to lean in with TIBCO. We are ready to invest in you, if you’re ready to invest with us,” Johns stated. 

Simon Williams, Head of Partner Alliances, EMEA, spoke to the partners on a more personal level, sharing the progress of the partner program in the European market, and requesting further commitment from them. “We have a very simple ask. Engage with us, plan with us early, utilize our resources, both technical and commercial. We know that when we work closely with you, we can create a great customer experience for our clients.” 

Additionally, Erich Gerber, SVP, EMEA & APJ, JF Roy, VP of Technology Alliances and Strategic Operations, Vivek Rao, SVP of Global Services, Glyn Knaresborough,VP, EMEA Services, and Bruno Trimmouille, VP of Marketing, all addressed the audience with their intentions in pushing the boundaries of the Partner Program in the coming years and becoming Better Together. 

Partner of the Year Awards were announced during the Partner Summit. Here is a full list of the 2019 winners from the UK and Europe:

Global Systems Integrator Partner of the Year: Infosys

EMEA Cloud Partner Innovation Award: Ingegneria Informatica 

EMEA Interconnect Everything Partner of the Year: Accenture

EMEA Elite Partner of the Year: Micropole 

EMEA Augment Intelligence Partner of the Year: CS Group

On behalf of TIBCO, we would like to congratulate all of this year’s partner award winners and wish all of our partner’s success with their customers. In the words of Dan Streetman, “Let’s go far, let’s go fast, let’s go TIBCOfast, together.” 

To learn more about the TIBCO Partner Program, click here. Register today for TIBCO NOW 2020, at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, September 22–24