The Information Difference Ranks TIBCO EBX First in MDM Technology for Eighth Consecutive Year

The Information Difference Ranks TIBCO EBX First in MDM Technology for Eighth Consecutive Year
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We are pleased to announce that TIBCO EBX software has been ranked first in master data management (MDM) technology for the eighth consecutive year according to The Information Difference. The Information Difference is a specialty analyst firm that focuses on master data management, data warehousing, and data quality. Each year it publishes the MDM Landscape, a market survey that evaluates a comprehensive list of MDM vendors and their solutions in addition to sharing information about the current status of the MDM landscape.

The MDM market continues to grow at a steady pace; in the past year has shown continued growth, estimated to be worth $1.6 billion. Most MDM vendors today support any data domain, but mainly focus on customer data, product data, and master data not covered in the previous two categories. 

Data challenges are prevalent in all industries. Pioneers who have adopted MDM successfully have been those in heavily regulated industries, like pharmaceuticals and finance. But mass adoption exceeds just those two industries; companies whose business spans multiple countries also have the problem of how to measure things such as customer, product, and channel profitability. This is where MDM technology can help. 

MDM vendors are also responding to the systematic migration of applications from on-premise to the cloud, a trend that is gradual in the space due to the number of applications installed. As data starts to migrate from in-house servers to cloud, MDM software needs to be able to adapt to this and handle data from a hybrid environment. 

When evaluating MDM software, The Information Difference represents the market in three dimensions: market strength, technology, and customer base. The higher the score, the better the technology score and market strength of the vendor.  

The technology score is derived from customer satisfaction, analyst impression of the technology, the maturity of the technology, and the breadth of the technology. TIBCO ranked especially well in the customer satisfaction dimension, reflecting happy customers.  Market strength is derived from MDM revenue, growth, financial strength, size of the partner ecosystem, the customer base, and geographic coverage. The last dimension is the customer base or the number of corporations that have bought MDM. This is represented by the size of the bubble on the graph. The larger the bubble, the broader the customer base.

To learn more about the current state of the MDM landscape and see how TIBCO ranks, read the full report