Family-Friendly Fun with an Eco-Friendly Emphasis at Grupo Xcaret

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Grupo Xcaret is an all-inclusive adventure park resort in Mexico focused on providing family fun in an eco-friendly environment. Built along the Riviera Maya among historical archeological sites, the resort takes advantage of the beautiful cultural and natural surroundings, while at the same time making every effort to preserve the area. 

With a motto of “Happy People, Happy Planet,” Grupo Xcaret makes both customer service and environmental preservation top priorities. Fortunately, TIBCO makes sure behind-the-scenes at the resort runs smoothly, leaving Grupo Xcaret more time to devote to entertainment and sustainability efforts. 

Being all-inclusive means the resort’s digital architecture needs to be completely integrated as well. Data must move seamlessly from transportation to hotels, to dining and entertainment, in order for customers to be able to do the same. The TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud, including TIBCO Cloud Integration and TIBCO Streaming, is the perfect solution to connecting the resort’s previously-siloed data. 

TIBCO solutions provide Grupo Xcaret with real-time analytics, which allows the resort to provide up-to-date, personal customer service and suggestions. “We want to know what our customers are doing and help them while they’re in our parks. We want to make their time as easy and happy as possible,” said Fabrizio Pucciariello, system architect manager at Grupo Xcaret. 

To learn more about how TIBCO is helping Grupo Xcaret keep people and the planet happy, check out the full case study today.