The Constellation Research ShortList: Why TIBCO EBX was Recognized for Master Data Management

The Constellation Research ShortList™: Why TIBCO EBX was Recognized for Master Data Management

We’re pleased to announce that Constellation Research has added TIBCO EBX to its Q3 2019 ShortList for Master Data Management. TIBCO EBX is only one of seven solutions recognized this year.

The Constellation Research ShortList enables Constellation clients to narrow their vendor search when evaluating solutions within technology market categories. The process of developing a ShortList begins with a compilation of target vendors, gathered through conversations with early adopter clients, independent analysis, and briefings with vendors and partners. These vendors are assessed against threshold criteria as determined by Constellation Research.  

For Master Data Management (MDM), this year’s threshold criteria included:

  • Information integration
  • Data quality
  • Data governance
  • Multi-domain (i.e., customer, product, supplier, reference data, sites, location)
  • Multiple deployment models: on-premises, in the cloud, hybrid or multi-cloud
  • Industry-specific templates and accelerators
  • Self-service business rules
  • Support for data privacy rules and regulations
  • Customer references

But how exactly does the ShortList process work? According to Doug Henschen, V.P. and Principal Analyst of Constellation Research, the threshold criteria are determined by capabilities that customers and partners deem critical for that technology space. The ShortList essentially indicated which solutions cover the capabilities most needed to meet current challenges and address top use cases in that category.

For TIBCO, we see the report as a further indication of EBX’s momentum in the master data management market. As a single solution to help organizations govern, manage, and consume all their shared data assets, EBX is proud to meet the threshold criteria outlined above.

To learn more about how TIBCO EBX is leading in Master Data Management, read Doug Henschen’s Constellation ShortList™ for Master Data Management for Q3 2019.

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