TIBCO NOW Day 2: Turning Data into Success

Dan Streetman, TIBCO CEO at TIBCO NOW Chicago 2019
Dan Streetman, TIBCO CEO
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TIBCO NOW day two in the Windy City has concluded, but the messages shared and relationships forged will continue to inspire innovation everywhere. Thursday morning was all about being Better Together, with the breakout sessions dedicated to customers from a variety of industries sharing their experiences with TIBCO solutions.

The Imperative to Innovate

The General Session continued the theme, with keynotes from TIBCO’s Dan Streetman, CEO, and Steve Hurn, executive vice president of global sales, discussing the importance of creating an inviting culture of partnerships and aligned goals. “We have the imperative to innovate,” Streetman stated. “Culture includes leadership. We’ve got to continue to evolve our strategy, and it’s going to start with culture. We have a tremendous heritage of innovation.”

Streetman went on to highlight a number of partnerships near and dear to TIBCO, detailing how proud we are to be instrumental to their success. Part of TIBCO’s sponsorship of the Formula One Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team includes equipping the team with data analysis software that helps them analyze car and driver performance. “TIBCO technology and TIBCO data scientists are embedded in every aspect of this team,” Streetman exclaimed.

Another relationship we’re proud of is Grupo Xcaret’s usage of TIBCO solutions to turn their properties into the ultimate customer experience. Streetman “Xcaret uses TIBCO Data Science and TIBCO Spotfire to see their parks in real time, and by doing so they are able to create phenomenal customer experiences.” To read more about Xcaret, read the Trailblazer Awards blog, as Xcaret received this year’s Visionary Award.

Sometimes, TIBCO customers do much more than provide great experiences—sometimes they save lives. The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is one such customer. At a time when many hospitals accepted the fact that 1 in 20 patients would develop infections during their stay, Dr. John Cromwell, associate chief medical officer at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, decided to do something to change those odds. By looking at a variety of factors that could indicate the likelihood of infection, and employing TIBCO Data Science to analyze those factors, the hospital system was able to reduce the amount of operating-room infections by 74% over three years.

All three examples are brilliant cases of collaboration, where culture, strategy, and technology are leveraged to drive innovation everywhere. Before leaving the stage, Streetman reiterated one of his most popular quotes from the previous day, reminding the crowd, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Glued Together by TIBCO Technology

Customers and Partners occupied the mainstage for the duration of the General Session, beginning with Goya Foods’ Head of IT Suvajit Basu. Basu shared how Goya has grown from a small family-owned business into the fastest-growing Hispanic food brand in the United States. While the company had done well on their own over the past 80 years, they had a new, lofty goal of doubling that success in only 8 years.

“We felt the need to integrate at our core, so we chose to go with the best enterprise integration platform out there. We are glued together by TIBCO technology,” Basu stated. We’re glad we can play a role in the motto, “If it’s Goya, it has to be good.”

Innovate to Make an Impact

“To be relevant, innovation has to impact a challenge or help a community,” said Equifax’s David Ferber. Which is why the company’s next step in its digital transformation is focused on helping people live their financial best.

Equifax turned to TIBCO in its quest to help customers access credit. In order to do so efficiently, the company needed to build an analytics platform that integrated all of its data assets. By removing data silos and maximizing data value, Equifax was able to show credit lenders how to improve credit granting practices.

The Digital Transformation is Not Optional

Caesars, this year’s Transformer Trailblazer Award recipient, proved that even an industry that’s been around for thousands of years—gambling—has to continuously innovate in order to remain relevant. “Behavior has changed, and technology dominates,” said Les Ottolenghi, executive vice president and chief intelligence officer at Caesars. “The digital transformation is not optional.”

Similar to Grupo Xcaret, Caesars understands that guests want to be fully connected for the best customer experience, and doing so means focusing on culture. “The experience needs to be different, exciting, and fun—it needs to be immersive and in real time,” Ottolenghi explained.

With the help of TIBCO, Caesars provides guests an integrated experience where they feel safe, valued, and as if their digital sovereignty is a top priority.


Helping Customers Focus on Innovation, not Infrastructure

Official TIBCO partners also shared strategies and successes with the audience, further verifying the idea that we are Better Together. Prashad Joshi from Infosys, one of TIBCO’s longest-standing partners, explained that because industries are digitizing faster, and enterprises are transforming at a scale and speed to match, there is an urgent need to reconsider strategy. “We went from solving problems in small R&D groups and siloed focus groups to identifying problems in innovation at every level, by listening to every end user.”

AWS also outlined their strategy for working together with TIBCO in order to improve customer experience. “We usually encounter customers early on in their digital transformation path. We press them to find out what is core to them, what is their superpower,” explained Bill Marozas. By helping people discover that faster, they can focus on their own innovation, rather than their infrastructures. “We’re trying to pave the road so customers are able to self serve better and so partners are able to deliver solutions to them more effectively.”

For more on TIBCO partners, check out the TIBCO NOW Partner Summit Recap blog.

Beyond the Keynotes

The afternoon on the final day of TIBCO NOW was jam-packed with more Breakout Sessions, Certification exams, and Hands-On Labs. The day didn’t end there, however. The crowd moved into the Technology Hub for one final opportunity to share a drink and a bite with colleagues, sit behind that Mercedes F1 simulation wheel, and hop on the TEAM TIBCO bicycle to square up with our professional cyclists.

Thank you to all who joined us on our American leg of the 2019 TIBCO NOW Global Tour. We look forward to seeing many of you in London this fall and our continued quest to be better together.

Check out our recap of day one in Chicago, or visit now.tibco.com to learn more about the final stop on our tour, London. For real-time updates, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #TIBCONOW to spread the word.