Iron Mountain LATAM Gives Customers Data Visibility with TIBCO Connected Intelligence

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Iron Mountain LATAM is a global leader in storage and information management services, offering the security their customers’ documents require. A previous TIBCO Trailblazer Award winner, Iron Mountain provides innovative, value-added services to their customers with unprecedented management visibility into their operations, flexibility, agility, and fast time to market.

In recent years, Iron Mountain has seen rapid growth of data in their Latin America region, resulting in their customers wanting to know where their data is 24/7. The company had a legacy system with limited capabilities, which made it difficult to get customers the information they desired. Iron Mountain’s processes weren’t integrated, and they couldn’t scale as much as they needed to, resulting in long development and delivery times, which impacted their ability to help customers meet regulatory requirements.

Iron Mountain looked to integrate Business Process Management (BPM) technology into their enterprise to securely automate business processes, including processes that required active participation by customers. Additionally, they wanted an analytics tool that would help them create reports for their customers to meet their compliance needs and for real-time data management.

Beginning in 2013, Iron Mountain turned to the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform. The flexibility of the TIBCO architecture allowed them to improve their infrastructure and reuse services. TIBCO allowed Iron Mountain to deliver these services, scale, and provide the development and administration resources capable of supporting large growth that they needed.

Using cloud-enabled integration, analytics, and business process management technologies, Iron Mountain LATAM pioneered the first BPM-as-a-Service cloud, offering customers far more than expected from a conventional document handling company. The company can now orchestrate business processes and integrate information provided from different sources.

Thanks to the streamlined infrastructure, tight integration with the customer, and the high level of customization that the TIBCO platform provides, Iron Mountain can support their digital processes in a cost-effective way. TIBCO’s solution allowed Iron Mountain to implement dynamic processes and faster time-to-market. Iron Mountain also gained the capability to quickly change and migrate a process or create a new version of it with little to no risk of losing information. With analytics, Iron Mountain gained visibility and control into their operations, resulting in actionable insights and customer cost savings.

As for the future, Iron Mountain is focused on continuing to expand its services to all of Latin America.

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