Cerner Treats Messy Healthcare Data with TIBCO Integration

Cerner Treats Messy Healthcare Data with TIBCO Integration
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Cerner Corporation is the largest publicly traded healthcare information technology company in the world, connecting people and systems at more than 27,500 contracted provider facilities worldwide. The company is recognized for innovation, offering solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes.

In healthcare, the ability to rapidly respond to data can be the difference between life and death. However, due to compliance regulations, as well as differing IT architectures, each provider requires a unique solution. Cerner wanted to provide enhanced IT services for its provider facilities worldwide, but an aging monolithic architecture held the company back from achieving its goals.

Cerner turned to TIBCO’s integration solutions to fulfill its unique business needs. TIBCO BusinessWorks™, TIBCO BusinessEvents®, and TIBCO® Messaging are an integral and crucial part of its IT platforms. TIBCO tooling, along with Cerner applications, provide a degree of openness that allows clients to access data, repurpose it, serve patients, and provide integrations that enhance existing solutions.

There are two macro areas in which TIBCO solutions are embedded in Cerner’s solutions. The first is through Cerner Clinical Solutions, helping to streamline health care facilities’ electronic medical records. The other is in the revenue cycle management space, enabling clients to tap into event-driven and service-oriented architectures to access applications and adapt to an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Cerner has seen tremendous benefits from its usage of TIBCO integration products, such as:

  • Core competency and community in maintaining control over its intellectual property and offering better service to its clients through a degree of autonomy
  • Robust foundation for seamless healthcare IT in back-office applications such as billing, collections, and revenue
  • Increased data accessibility to lower costs and improve agility

Being able to integrate different systems so that a patient’s data follows them from facility to facility is fundamental to all health care applications today. Going forward, TIBCO will play an increasing role in helping Cerner achieve that goal.

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