Endesa Prepares for the Digital Energy Era with TIBCO Connected Intelligence

Endesa is a leading energy company in Spain and Portugal, providing services for over 11 million customers. Its goal is to spread a more sustainable energy culture, striving to be at the forefront of the technological transformation in the energy industry.  To meet this goal, Endesa joined the Enel Group in 2009, a multinational energy company and leading integrated operator in the global electricity and gas markets who pioneered the Open Power concept, which opens energy up to more people, new technologies, new ways of managing energy for consumers, and new uses of that energy.

When it joined the Enel group, Endesa needed to integrate more than 30 internal and external systems, monitor processes, and create ad hoc reports so they could drive greater business outcomes such as better predictions of customer needs, making quicker decisions, and taking faster actions. The company turned to TIBCO BusinessEvents® to better monitor end-to-end processes with a layer of complex event processing. Additionally, Endesa implemented TIBCO Spotfire®, which allowed it to run streaming analytics across its environment, make note of what is happening to a particular service, and solve any problems quickly. Lastly, Endesa selected TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Service Grid to integrate all services that were moved into AWS.

Endesa saw endless benefits from the TIBCO Connected Intelligence solution, including:

  • Single provider strategy with products that met all of their integration requirements and allowed for business process automation
  • Faster time to market, optimized costs, and operations, gaining capabilities for growth, including scalability, agility, flexibility
  • Aligned with its strategic plan update, allowing the company to shift from asset-based to service-based

Looking to the future, Endesa plans to change some business processes and re-architect those processes to make them more cloud-ready. It is looking to implement TIBCO Cloud™ Mashery® as its API management solution, as well as considering other cloud products such as TIBCO FTL® and TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition.

Is Endesa prepared for the digital energy era? Read the full case study to find out.