TIBCO Aims with Silver Arrows, Renews Innovative Partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

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Since 2014, the Silver Arrows have won every FIA Formula One™ Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships. The team never settles; they’re constantly on the hunt for innovation, and TIBCO’s DNA is no different. Let’s face it, winning five straight Constructors’ championships is no accident, and it’s remarkable for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport to be one of only four teams to have ever attained this elite honor. TIBCO is excited to join the team for a third consecutive year, providing powerful innovative technology to add to the race team’s decade of data-driven success.  

The reigning champion’s quest for F1 world dominance relies on TIBCO’s technology to understand terabytes of race data, which impacts strategic decisions at both the factory and on the race track. It takes insight and innovation to maintain and defend a position of power. With the TIBCO Connected Intelligence platform, the F1 team has a powerful lens for pinpointing anomalies, making faster decisions, and exploiting the full potential of its cars and drivers.

Always Win. Never Settle.

Attaining number one status is one thing, remaining there is another. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport has selected the best solutions for each area of its business to capture, store, secure, and use data to drive performance. Its sustained success requires constant innovation—and focus on every detail to gain an edge. TIBCO is that edge, contributing to the team’s winning formula: the best car, engine, drivers, strategy, setup, and execution.

Intelligence 360.

Twenty-one circuits. Five continents. Nine months of racing. Sixteen TIBCO optimization projects. This intensity requires real-time intelligence.

By leveraging TIBCO advanced analytics solutions like TIBCO Spotfire, TIBCO streaming analytics, and TIBCO Data Science, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport hits the track armed with real-time intelligence of car performance and design, set up, and possible outcomes derived from simulations.

Analyzing millions of race simulations requires precision. Monitoring for even the smallest of changes is crucial to maintaining the teams’ almost folkloric supremacy. (The 33-year-old Lewis Hamilton begins his 13th season knowing a successful defense of his crown will move him just two wins away from Michael Schumacher’s record.) With TIBCO Spotfire, millions of race simulations using completely different variables help assess the competitive opportunities before, during, and after the race. TIBCO real-time streaming analytics offers instant visibility into critical phases and immediate notifications of threats. And TIBCO Data Science, lets the team easily assess various data types, advanced visualizations, and data science models used in analytics and applications.

TIBCO Advanced Analytics Impacts the New W10 EQ Power +.

Our advanced analytics solutions power the team’s newly redesigned car for the 2019 season, the W10 EQ Power+.

In a recent interview with Autoblog, Lewis Hamilton remarked: “I want to achieve more. I want to continue to keep pushing. I feel energized, and I’m ready to attack.” TIBCO’s engines are revved up, and our team is eager to help cut those extra milliseconds for our F1 partners. We know that, with more than 5G’s of downward force around high-speed corners, it takes strength and vigor to stay in control and reach for the most important insights. We know that in a sport that combines the best of man and machine, technical prowess is paramount to making every second, both on and off the track, count.

TIBCO Fashionistas Exposed.

The TIBCO logo will again be emblazoned on the helmets and racing attire of drivers Lewis Hamilton and his Finnish teammate Valtteri Bottas. With each race drawing an average of 100 million viewers per race, that’s a lot of eyeballs catching an impactful glimpse of our brand! We’ve got the look, and our logo placement exposes us to new audiences on five continents. Look for us, right next to Hamilton’s and Bottas’ smiles as they accelerate and push the pedal to the metal.

Learn more about TIBCO’s partnership with Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport that provides the team with a data-driven competitive edge.

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