Knowland Uses TIBCO Integration to Accommodate Clients

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Globalization today means the hospitality industry is thriving. Because most bookings are done digitally, and often instantaneously, making reservations is easier today than ever before. However, a lot of time, work, and strategy go into making sure those bookings are accurate, and that the intelligence derived from all this data gets into the right hands.

Knowland is a SaaS provider that does much of that hard work for hotels and hospitality properties, offering solutions that allow them to provide customers with historical contact data, booking patterns, and market benchmarks. While Knowland had plenty of customers interested in its software, it was having a hard time keeping up due to outdated internal operations.

“Although our applications were doing well in the marketplace, our internal business processes were not able to keep up. Legacy internal applications were siloed, prohibiting us from internally sharing data,” said Steve Titus, CTO at Knowland. “We had to find a solution that would both transform our internal processes so that data sharing communication was better among our business units while also enabling us to integrate critical data that was not yet shared both internally and externally.”

The firm turned to TIBCO for a solution that could integrate its applications, particularly with Salesforce, a vital platform for Knowland. Orion Global Solutions, a cloud advisory organization, suggested TIBCO as a viable partner.

Utilizing TIBCO Cloud Integration, a leading cloud-integration platform, Knowland was able to connect its internal applications with Salesforce and really get a handle on its data. “This includes getting down-to-the-minute details, including layouts and amenities of all rooms in a hotel, both guest rooms and conference rooms.” This and other benefits allow Knowland’s customers to provide a better customer experience to all of their patrons.

“For every event, we record the account, where it was held, participants, food and beverage spend, how many days it was, every single subfunction,” said Titus. That’s a lot of data to collect in one place and deliver to the right people at the right time, which is what TIBCO helps Knowland do.

To learn more about how TIBCO helped Knowland to manage data, code-free, for more than 200,000 hotels while drastically reducing developers’ time spent on data integration, check out the customer success story at