Thingstream uses Flogo to Turn IoT Data into Real Business Value for Customers

In today’s technology-driven world, connectivity is everything, from the edge to the enterprise.

So when Thingstream, a company that builds IoT connectivity platforms to deliver an intelligent network of connected ‘things’ to customers, needed a solution for helping customers get data from their connected devices in order to make effective business decisions, it turned to TIBCO.

Most of Thingstream’s customers require constant, real-time updates, oftentimes from devices enduring a number of harsh conditions. To meet this growing need, Thingstream is able to provide secure, easy-to-configure, cost-effective solutions by embedding TIBCO Flogo® and TIBCO® Messaging in its devices. “We have a lot of customers who are moving product across national borders or oceans, and they’re tracking not just position but vibration, temperature, and humidity to describe environmental conditions for their customers,” said Bruce Jackson, CTO at Thingstream.

Some customers even require devices to remain in the field for as long as a decade and they need the power to send and receive messages constantly. Flogo’s lightweight model was the perfect fit, allowing Thingstream to strike the ideal balance between processing power and battery life. “You really want something that will compile down into something that’s small and efficient but platform independent at the same time, and that’s really the goal of Flogo,” said Jackson.

With TIBCO’s assistance, Thingstream is able to help its own customers deliver on a very important promise: that products being shipped all over the world are being well-handled and will arrive safe and sound with no surprises. “You can’t sell the ability to move goods from A to B at a certain temperature with a minimum vibration and low humidity if you can’t track and measure those things for the duration of the journey,” Jackson explained.

For the full story on how TIBCO Flogo and TIBCO Messaging help Thingstream succeed, check out the customer success case study here.