TIBCO JasperReports IO: The World’s Most Modern Reporting Engine

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Business users rely on intuitive reports and meaningful data visualizations to process critical information. However, your reports, no matter how fantastic, are going to waste if users can’t easily access and act on that data. You need to get critical information into the hands of business users.

To help, a new breed of reporting and data visualization engine has been released into the wild. Designed for today’s software builders, JasperReports IO generates reports and visualizations that are fast, highly interactive, and seamlessly embeddable into your modern web application environment via a container-ready, RESTful service.

Last September, we released a trial version of TIBCO JasperReports® IO to the market. Collecting feedback over the past four months, we’ve prepared the product for wider release.

Finally, we are excited to share that TIBCO JasperReports IO Professional is now officially available for purchase.

Why does a lightweight data visualization service matter?

TIBCO JasperReports IO Professional works with all the latest tech including cloud, microservices, and DevOps and is powered by a container-ready, RESTful service that can be leveraged by any developer.

The engine is designed to churn out reports and visualizations with the efficiency and flexibility of today’s latest cloud technologies.

Instead of bundling multiple capabilities and features together in a single service like typical approaches to BI and analytics, JasperReports IO deliberately focuses on doing one thing exceptionally well—generating fantastic data visualizations and reports. This specialization also makes it significantly lighter and faster than other traditional reporting tools.

This way you can distribute your reports easily to anyone in the business or embed reports seamlessly into your application to visualize data where users want to see it. With JasperReports IO you can embed beautiful, highly interactive reports and data visualizations inside your web apps using a JavaScript API based on TIBCO Jaspersoft Visualize.js, an award-winning JavaScript framework.

JasperReports IO free hands-on training

Join our three part virtual workshops with Teodor Danciu, JasperReports IO architect, for step-by-step instruction on getting started with JasperReports IO. You can join one or join them all to sharpen your skills:

  • Workshop 1: Intro to JasperReports IO and how to build your first report
  • Workshop 2: Producing reports & data visualizations
  • Workshop 3: Embedding reports & data visualizations into applications

Sign up today for a free trial and generate reports and data visualizations that you can easily share with users or embed into your applications.