TIBCO NOW Attendees Inspire with Donation Wall

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The 2018 TIBCO NOW Conference has wrapped up, but its impact continues to positively affect our community. While we hope attendees from all over the world left Las Vegas feeling inspired, we here at TIBCO are also inspired by our conference attendees. Thanks to the generosity of conference participants, TIBCO was able to donate more than $20,000 to charity.

In closing another successful TIBCO NOW, it is important to highlight that a core value of TIBCO’s culture is giving back to our local communities. At this year’s conference in Las Vegas, the #TIBCOSPIRIT team created The Donation Wall, which gave TIBCO NOW participants the opportunity to do just that. When conference attendees arrived at the event, they had the option to either receive their giveaway ‘swag bag’ or donate the value of the bag and its contents to Code.org, a charity chosen by #TIBCOSPIRIT.

In opting to donate to Code.org, conference attendees helped provide disadvantaged students and underrepresented minorities an opportunity to succeed in computer science—an action that exemplifies the spirit of TIBCO. Additionally, donors were able to add their name to the Donation Wall, a display located in the TIBCO NOW Technology Hub.

More than 200 individuals chose to contribute their giveaway to charity.  With a promise to match the amount collected from donors, TIBCO is proud to announce that a total of $20,800 was donated to Code.org following the conference.

A conference participant adds her name to the Donation Wall at TIBCO NOW
A conference participant adds her name to the Donation Wall at TIBCO NOW

Code.org was chosen as the charity recipient for its commitment to improving access to computer science programs in schools. Code.org specifically designs computer science courses to engage women and minorities in order to improve diversity in the tech industry. To date, more than 30 million K-12 students around the world have enrolled in coding courses through the organization. Of those students, 45 percent are female and 48 percent are underrepresented minorities. With the vision of ensuring every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science, participants couldn’t help but be inspired by the organization’s cause.

Thank you to all who attended TIBCO NOW and opted to donate their giveaway to charity. For more information on how to donate to Code.org, please visit Code.org/donate. For every dollar you give, one student can learn computer science.

We look forward to seeing you at TIBCO NOW 2019, as our three-city conference tour heads to Singapore (April 3-4), Chicago (June 12-13), and London (September 25-26).