TIBCO Jaspersoft & PITSS: Reporting Software Modernization Made Easy

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Reporting remains the BI backbone in most enterprises today, yet the majority of reporting systems are outdated, costly, and difficult to maintain. Organizations have two options — either stay in a legacy system or migrate and modernize. The risks involved with replacing these systems are often significant, and the migrations can be very complex.

Migration is difficult for three reasons: it’s painful to scope, it’s a lot of work, and there is no margin for error. Because there are so many reports, each with their own design, data sources, and delivered to different people, the scoping process alone can be a huge undertaking. Reporting systems are often deeply embedded in day-to-day operations and processes that are critical for a business to run. Migration must occur quickly and perfectly — on the first try. Mistakes in the process can lead to a halt in critical information reaching an employee or customer.

That begs the question, why modernize? For one, it’s less infrastructure to manage. Legacy systems rely on old technologies that can’t integrate with modern systems, making them difficult and time-consuming to maintain. Modern reporting systems can connect to the latest data sources, support charts, and visualizations, and run in containers. Additionally, modernization allows you to have more flexibility and experience significant cost savings.

While migrating and modernization has a reputation for being difficult, new software and proven processes can make it less painful. To make a successful migration happen, you need a blueprint that outlines each step in assessing your current environment and how you will refactor it for the target technology that you will migrate to. The solution? TIBCO Jaspersoft®, a modern reporting platform, and PITSS, a leader in Oracle report migrations. This combination of technology and services partner makes it possible to quickly migrate your reports to a modern platform without hiccups or downtime.

PITSS specializes in digital transformation for legacy Oracle systems. First, PITSS creates a 360-degree view of your legacy systems and extracts the most important processes and data. Then, they build a user experience that meets your critical business needs. As a result, customers have complete insight into their legacy systems, thus preserving their investments and helping them take advantage of modern technologies.

In a joint webinar with TIBCO Jaspersoft and PITSS, learn how to bring your legacy reporting systems into the modern world through a calculated and proven process. We’ll discuss:

  • The basics of modern reporting and how you stand to benefit
  • Roadblocks to migration
  • A four-step migration solution from PITSS (an award-winning reporting migration specialist)
  • How to get a complimentary analysis of your current reporting infrastructure

Register for our webinar, “Legacy to Modern Reporting Systems: The Migration Path for Dummies” today.