Tap into Modern Application Development with Low Code

It’s no secret that APIs and microservices power today’s digital stack. As a digital business, you want to be able to tap into these APIs to quickly build and deploy new applications to better engage with customers or improve operational excellence. But, if you’re not a developer, how can you take advantage of all these new technologies to help your company accelerate the journey to digital business?  

The answer is simple: low-code apps. With the demand for speed and differentiation from consumers, businesses are looking for application development alternatives. Low-code apps are built by business users with the intention of fixing operational process challenges or getting ahead of the digital expectations that consumers are demanding from businesses. With low-code apps, citizen developers (business users with no coding knowledge) can build a custom app to fit your company’s business needs — without getting slowed down by IT backlogs.

Low-code apps address many of the driving forces surrounding today’s businesses such as speed, differentiation, a new app development approach, and the emergence of citizen developers. Rather than being run by “shadow IT”, these apps are “IT facilitated” with the right governance, allowing you and your IT departments to innovate together. The apps built are worry-free for both business and IT thus enabling rapid deployment, updates, and fueling innovation. These “smart” apps are unique in that they solve business problems without needing technical knowledge and can connect to any data source to streamline processes.

When pervasive integration meets low code, you can simplify integration and connectivity. With a low-code approach to integration,  your organization is empowered to create connectivity from and to any of your applications, faster and easier than ever before. With rapid and simplified integration, flexible connectivity, and many pre-built connectors, you can enable digital transformation and jumpstart innovation in no time.  And TIBCO is uniquely positioned with a broad and easy to use set of low-code capabilities for business users available anytime and anywhere on one platform: TIBCO Cloud.

In a joint webinar with Constellation Research and TIBCO, learn:

  • How organizations today are helping their business users to capture business opportunities up to 10 times faster through building smart business apps
  • How to create enterprise-ready apps that automate operational processes or improve and unify existing systems
  • How to extend IT reach, scale change and turbocharge innovation

Watch the webinar today to learn how you can tap into your API and microservice investments with low-code apps.