Build Your Big Data Pipeline Using TIBCO Connectors

digital pipe with data on a ciruict board 3d illustration

You know that old saying? The one that goes “Your systems are only as good as the data that gets fed into them?” Well, maybe that’s not an old saying, but it should be! Because every system you have is built on data, and that data needs to be the best it can be for you to get the most out of it.

But what happens when you connect (aka integrate) systems? How can you guarantee that your data isn’t leaking or that the systems are sharing the full data set that each of them has?

And also, how do you address the challenges of trying to integrate cloud applications with your legacy, on-premises systems? Not to mention the daunting task of trying to connect your big data pipeline with the rest of your organization. You need a way to pull vast amounts of structured and unstructured data together in an easy, seamless way that guarantees its high quality. By transforming the hindsight you get from big data into insight, you’ll be able to gain customer and marketing insights to make data-driven decisions.

That’s why TIBCO has a connected ecosystem to answer all of your integration needs. Our connected ecosystem includes a vast variety of plug-ins and adapters that integrate with multiple systems both on-premises and in the cloud. These connectors are basically an add-on to your base integration platform that extend its integration capabilities by providing out of the box tooling and interconnectivity.

Why TIBCO Connectors?

At TIBCO, integration is a major priority. TIBCO’s main goal is to make integrations as profitable and effortless as possible for our clients. All of our connectors ensure a tight, fast, and easy connection among systems. You just activate them and you can connect your target systems with an easy to use drag and drop interface. They truly are plug-and-play.

By reducing the development effort, TIBCO connectors allow companies to begin delivering the value of pre-built integration content and tooling to users almost immediately.

We offer a vast library of pre-built connectors that connect to over 100 targets for the most popular technologies and SaaS applications (SAP, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook, Kafka, HDFS to name a few) for our popular integration platform: BusinessWorks. BusinessWorks connects cloud systems with on-premises and everything in between. It also enables easy connections with external systems.

And don’t forget about our Plug-in Developer KitPlug-in Developer Kit (PDK). If we don’t have the connector you need, we give you all the same tools our developers have to make your own plug-in. Our IDE is extremely easy to use. It uses an intuitive click and drag wizard.

You can hear all about TIBCO connectors in this on-demand webinar: “Connecting Big Data and SaaS in one Application Pipeline.” In this discussion, you will hear about:

  • Resources on the latest connectors
  • What’s coming soon and our Statement of Direction
  • Use cases for big data integration using TIBCO connectors

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have around our connectors or integration in general. We’re here to help!