TIBCO NOW 2017 Brings Digital Smarter to Singapore

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Welcome to Digital Smarter! On Monday, March 26, TIBCO kicked off its global TIBCO NOW event, with the first stop in Singapore. This year’s theme: Digital Smarter, continues the theme of transformational topics that began in 2015 with Enterprise Disruption, and was followed by Destination Digital last year. In the short span of three years, the focus of TIBCO’s message went from recognizing the reality of the disruptive nature of digital transformation, to painting a vision of its potential, to this year’s focus on executing with an intelligent plan to attain digital leadership.

The compelling nature of Digital Smarter came from the keen observation that the technology landscape is changing more with respect to the volume and variety of new products, trends, and approaches than the actual pace of change. Decision makers are more often overwhelmed by the complexity of the choices that they have to make rather than the speed in which their worlds are evolving.

“The challenge is not about how to react to a market where smartphone penetration is vastly outpacing the business model changes required to capitalize on their computational power,” states CMO Thomas Been , “but instead on how to integrate, orchestrate, and apply so many concurrent factors: mobility, social computing, big data, AI, IOT, the sharing economy, DevOps, cloud, and so on.”

Through this transformation, the fundamentals of business performance and creating and sustaining enterprise value have essentially remained the same. Digital Transformation has heightened their focus and more succinctly separated the leaders from the laggards. Leaders continue to demonstrate laser-focused attention to the use of powerful analytics to provide clarity to increasingly larger sets of unstructured data in order to deliver actionable insights. Digital leaders focus on customers and customer experience as a means of directing resources where changes in performance most directly impact enterprise value. And leaders use technology to shape, manage, and develop their organizations to deliver against their digital roadmaps.

Digital Disruption is behind us and for many the destinations of Digital Transformation have been set. Digital Smarter lays out the path forward for organizations in any industry, anywhere in the world.

The exciting first day of TIBCO NOW began with hands-on labs, certifications, and breakout sessions. Attendees worked on and learned about a wide range of topics, including data science and analytic apps, enhanced IoT, embedded business intelligence, what’s new with TIBCO products, and much more.

The day concluded with a partner reception to honor and recognize successful TIBCO partners. We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Partner Excellence Awards in Asia. These awards recognize Asian partners who use TIBCO technology to provide the marketplace and customer organizations around the globe with exemplary innovative solutions and services.

TIBCO is proud to recognize Cognizant, Toshiba Electronic Engineering Corporation, and Nukon, for offering exceptional service to TIBCO’s customers.

Cognizant is recognized with the Global Partner of the Year Award. TIBCO’s Global Consulting Partner and the recipient of TIBCO’s Partner Excellence Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2016, Cognizant has been a champion of digital transformation and innovation involving TIBCO with more than 450 customer success stories over the past five years. Cognizant currently partners with 100 active TIBCO customers across the globe to drive digital transformation and enable digital experiences across sectors of banking, insurance, retail, consumer goods, life sciences, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing and logistics, travel, and hospitality.

TIBCO Now Partner awards Cognizant 1

Toshiba Electronic Engineering Corporation, an affiliate of Toshiba Corporation, is recognized with the Analytics Partner of the Year Award. A TIBCO Analytics Partner since 2010, Toshiba Electronic Engineering Corporation partners with its clients to seize new business opportunities and explore data to develop actionable insights with TIBCO Spotfire Analytics. Today, Toshiba partners more than 5000 Spotfire users in several Fortune 500 companies in Japan to make the most of emerging trends and take preemptive action—before anyone else—to achieve a competitive advantage

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Nukon brings together expertise from optimization and automation, to transform data into actionable whole-of-business insights: from the supply chain to operations, the shop floor, IT, engineering and the enterprise system—fully integrated, pan-business optimization.

TIBCO Now Partner awards Nukon 1

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