TIBCO—What We Value

Compass with needle pointing the word values. Conceptual illustration part three of a company statement Mission Vision and Value.
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TIBCO employees at all levels have been talking about what really matters to us and what values and behaviors will help our customers succeed, which is ultimately how TIBCO succeeds. It’s a win-win. So why revisit our values? TIBCO has always had values, but now that we are evolving as a privately owned company, it’s a great time to focus on what really matters. We’ve always prided ourselves on being independent, fast, and nimble—more David than Goliath, so our values need to match who we are. Sure, some of our values might be similar to other companies’, but the process had to be genuine.

So we asked employees and executives, and some clear themes emerged. We heard about customer focus and innovation, values that have been core to TIBCO as long as we’ve existed as a company. We also heard that we need to be proactive and forthright, a key ingredient of innovation and critical to execution. People emphasized the need to be collaborative, positive and optimistic, especially in a world where cynicism can leave you trailing your competitors.

To stay true to who we are, we wanted to use simple terms and not just corporate lingo. For example, instead of teamwork, a value used at many companies we chose to talk about working together to address collaboration. Innovation was a given, due to our culture and industry.  With those and customer focus, we noted we had nearly spelled out our company name, TIBCO, and bold and optimistic completed our values. It happened organically, acts as a mnemonic to help people remember our values, and are liked by both employees and customers.

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Our values—together, innovative, bold, customer-focused and optimistic—act as our guide for everything we do: designing and building amazing products, providing excellent service, and having great employees. We continually remind ourselves about our values, in meetings, workshops, through posters, buttons, videos, and even a playbook. We often ask, “Which values resonate most for you?” People respond differently, depending on their role, personality, focus area, and current project. They all matter to us, but some might resonate especially closely.

            So which values resonate most for you…? 


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