Celebrating Women’s History Month at TIBCO

TIBCO Women in Tech
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At TIBCO, celebrating Women’s History Month is a culmination of many ongoing activities woven into the fabric of our company’s identity. Working to make the world a better and more supportive place for young girls and women doesn’t begin and end in the month of March, but continues year-round.

Read on to learn about all the #ChampionTheChange initiatives from our team at TIBCO!

WISE Employee Resource Group

Women Inclusion, Success, and Equity (WISE) at TIBCO focuses on creating a more inclusive workplace for female-identifying employees. They are committed to supporting TIBCO’s diverse team members–where everyone is welcome in a safe environment–to empower community members to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

WISE proactively invests in its members through a program of membership, advocacy, education, and support, while providing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

This month, TIBCO listened to incredible speakers such as:

  • Meena Krishnan, WISE Leader, TIBCO
  • Cindy Warner, Global Leader, Amazon Web Services
  • Catriona Janes, Partner Account Manager, TIBCO
  • RJ Jadhav, HR Director, Google Cloud
  • Laney Whitcanack, CEO, Coro Northern California
  • Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP, Microsoft Commercial Partner
  • Rani Johnson, CIO, TIBCO

In addition to keynote speakers, TIBCO’s WISE Employee Resource Group is investing in the development of female employees by providing a Strength’s Finder Workshop and a message from motivational speaker, Juliet Erickson, to discuss how women can develop power skills for the workplace.

Champion the Change: Code First Girls

Our own TIBCO teammates, Noora Husseini, TIBCO Lead Data Scientist, and Ioana Stama, TIBCO Solution Engineer, are volunteering at Code First Girls, an initiative to help young women break into tech fields.

Husseini and Stama are teaching the courses “Introduction to Python Programming” and “Introduction to Data & SQL Programming,” respectively, to help bridge the diversity gap in the data industry. 

Husseini states, “A more diverse and inclusive representation of gender (and other) minorities in tech is a necessity. Teams need to have a multitude of perspectives to design products in a way that works for everyone. By providing a safe space for pupils to learn at their own pace, institutions like Code First Girls are fostering that new talent. I wanted to encourage this group of curious young women and simplify the beginning of their learning journey.” 

Stama states, “Representation of all groups is important so we can look at a situation from different angles, making sure the end result is something we all agree with. Through volunteering at Code First Girls, I wanted to encourage people that there is nothing stopping them from having a career in any field they want, regardless of what society has to say about it.”

She Loves Data, Singapore Management University, and TIBCO4Good

TIBCO4Good, She Loves Data, and Singapore Management University have partnered to offer free data workshops for those affected by the pandemic. Singapore-based She Loves Data is an organization that inspires women to pursue careers in data and technology.

Alamelu Ramanathan reflects on the power of learning for her daughter, who is a student at She Loves Data: “Kids are natural problem solvers and pattern finders. Give them the tools and knowledge and they can continually extend their natural skill sets. Through this program, Kaaviya and I learned the Beauty in Data, Meaning in Data, and gained the knowledge of Data Fluency to make decisions.” 

Team TIBCO Women’s Pro Cycling Team

TIBCO partners with the longest-running professional women’s cycling team in North America, Team TIBCO-Silicon Valley Bank, using data analysis to help the team maximize their performance. 

Sarah Gigante, cyclist on Team TIBCO-SVB, states, “It’s such an exciting time to be in women’s cycling, with so many positive changes happening around us. I’m so grateful for the support of sponsors like TIBCO, who make it possible for us to do what we love while showing little girls, and little boys, what it means to chase your dreams and follow your heart.”

I’m so grateful for the support of sponsors like TIBCO, who make it possible for us to do what we love while showing little girls, and little boys, what it means to chase your dreams and follow your heart. Click To Tweet

Like TIBCO, you can be a part of the change. Donate or volunteer at organizations like Code First Girls, She Loves Data, or Women in Tech to support women in the technology industry and help us champion the change. 

And to learn more about other TIBCO4Good initiatives helping communities around the world, head to www.tibco.com/tibco4good.