Building Cloud-Native Applications for Multi-Cloud Environments

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Surveys of IT decision makers show that a majority of enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud and hybrid strategy for enhanced scalability and control*. But to achieve success in this approach, you must be nimble and employ an architectural style that is flexible to easily implement and develop cloud-native applications.

The conversation of cloud-native application architectures almost always goes hand-in-hand with continuous delivery, DevOps, and microservices. Both continuous delivery and DevOps focus on streamlining the software delivery lifecycle. However, to achieve true agility also requires the way you design the application to evolve. This is where microservices come in—allowing you to choreograph loosely coupled, single function components, connected through APIs to build business applications.

Adopting microservices poses a number of challenges; for one, a culture built on collaboration is a must (i.e. DevOps). Microservices also require a tool chain that supports continuous integration and continuous delivery. Continuous integration solutions, like Jenkins, are a key aspect that makes it easier to merge applications into a shared repository, automatically test incremental changes made to the system, and identify problems early to minimize debugging at deployment time. Continuous delivery using Apache Maven for build automation hides the complexities of the build process and ensures all the dependencies are there for the application to run.

How well you master microservices will directly relate to your multi-cloud success. Visit TIBCO at booth #204 at the Cloud Foundry Summit May 23-25 in Santa Clara and see how BusinessWorks Container Edition supports this new approach to developing cloud-native applications. BusinessWorks Container Edition simplifies the integration and choreographing of microservices to build cloud-native applications that run within the Cloud Foundry platform. Learn more about BWCE by watching this short video.

Continuous delivery, DevOps, and microservices describe the why, how, and what of being cloud-native and the combination of Cloud Foundry plus TIBCO’s BusinessWorks Container Edition allow you to deliver applications to market faster. We are proud to be a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Summit and invite you to visit us at booth #204 for a live demo!


* (Source: Equinix March 29, 2016)