“I’m Proud of My Ancestors, of the Place I Was Born, and Share That With Others”: Q&A with TIBCO’s Emanuel Vicente

TIBCO's Emanuel Vicente
TIBCO's Emanuel Vicente
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As a part of TIBCO’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative for the month of September, we are spotlighting employees who are of Hispanic heritage, asking them what makes them proud of their heritage and what they plan to do to embrace their identity in the future.  

TIBCO: Tell us about yourself.

Emanuel Vicente: My name is Emanuel Vicente and I’ve been at TIBCO for three years as an Associate Consultant based out of Guadalajara, Mexico. I belong to the Pride employee resource group (ERG). 

TIBCO: This year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme is, “Be proud Of Your Past, Embrace The Future.” Talk about what makes you proud of your Hispanic heritage.

EV: The food in Mexico is one of the best examples I can think of. Its combinations and its typical spice make anyone in the world melt before it and enjoy eating it. Among the most common, we find tacos in all their versions, which every Mexican knows is infinite because basically if it fits inside a corn tortilla, it is automatically considered a taco. We also have the chile that is good on anything, divine burritos, quesadillas, the corn, the mole, the chipotle, and thousands of exquisite dishes that represent Mexico. Learning to cook these recipes and take them to any table anywhere in the world is something that fills us with pride.

TIBCO: What about your country’s past are you most proud of? 

EV: If there is something to be proud of, it is our architecture. We would have to be blind not to appreciate it; it is the best we have. Every year, thousands of people come to our nation to appreciate our unique and beautiful architecture, which was inherited by our ancestors from pre-Hispanic people, resulting from the conquest.

TIBCO: What ways will you “embrace your future” during the month of September and beyond?

EV: Independence Day is celebrated in September. It is filled with Mexican food, mariachis, and lots of tequila. I am completely sure that I will follow these traditions forever. Beyond that, I am proud of my ancestors, of the place where I was born, and share that with others.

TIBCO: In what ways do you feel the Hispanic communities have helped shape the world?

EV: Latinos have helped lead the fight for equality and civil rights. Additionally, there are so many cultural influences on English-speaking countries ranging from music, TV, and sports.

TIBCO: What does being a part of the Hispanic community mean to you?

EV: To feel our Hispanic pride and remember those Latinos who have made this country great in science, politics, the arts, and more.

TIBCO: What are the benefits of celebrating our shared history and cultures throughout TIBCO?

EV: 1) Expand the world view by knowing that the world is much more than what we see around us. This is fundamental for our development as human beings and for our understanding of the society in which we live. 2) Arouse curiosity by learning about new cultures and realities. 3) Sharing diversity, knowing that diversity is part of life is the first step in learning to respect different ways of thinking and being. And, between us, in today’s crazy times, a little respect and love for others are never too much. And, 4) solving the past and collaborating to understand the present. When we know history, we better understand our present and our possibilities for the future. Understanding that everything is part of a historical, political, and social construction is essential to better understand the current society we live in.

TIBCO: What is a Hispanic tradition that you wish to pass down, that your parents have passed down to you?

EV: One of my favorite family celebrations, and I’m sure for any Mexican, is Dia de Muertos on the 1st and 2nd of November. This celebration represents the Hispanic tradition worldwide. It was born from our lands, although in some other countries of Central America they also celebrate it. The Day of the Dead has its origins in pre-Hispanic times and was devised by the Mayans and Aztecs to worship ancestors and death itself. During these days, we visit our loved ones in the cemetery, cook their favorite food, bring flowers, and burn candles throughout the night while we sing and remember anecdotes.

During the month of September, join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Are you a TIBCO team member? To get involved and join an ERG today, visit TIBCO Connect for more details!