Discover the Fourth Industrial Revolution at TIBCO NOW 2016

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To call this a fascinating moment in history underserves what’s happening around us. The world has passed through several levels of industrialization, each remaking life as we know it, from steam to electricity and automation to today, where cyber-physical systems are rising very quickly. The World Economic Forum calls this current phase the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Whatever you choose to call it, there’s not doubt that the rapid digitization of the world is changing everything and blurring the lines of the physical and the logical. It ushers in a subsequent need to harness and react to old and new sources of data that fundamentally change how humans live and work.

As participants in this revolution, we can’t know enough about what’s happening and our place and choices. When everything seems different, the challenge is to understand what shifts are truly new and what shifts are yet to come. There’s a powerful need to not be a victim of change or to place too much faith in the things that turn out to be hype. Knowing the difference is hard.

When it comes to our work, knowing the difference is crucial. Our livelihoods depend on making the right investments in knowledge, people and technology. Mistakes not only suck up resources that can’t be used again, but they cause us to lose competitiveness and put money in the pockets of our competition, kicking off a vicious downward cycle.

That’s a long preamble to invite you to attend TIBCO NOW 2016 next week in Las Vegas. TIBCO isn’t a Johnny-come-lately with a new and shiny object. We’re a company that’s been in the business of innovating alongside the world’s largest companies for quite a while. The conference theme is Destination Digital, which is at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Keynote speakers will include top TIBCO executives but also futurist Ray Kurzweil and Adam Steltzner, the JPL Chief Engineer best known for the simple task of landing a car-sized object (gently) on Mars and then controlling from 225 million miles away.

Don’t miss out—the $1,895 online registration closes in just a few days! After May 16th, you will still be able to register on-site for the event, but the price goes up to $2,195.

How often do you get the chance to hear from a “restless genius,” learn ways to master your digital transformation, and network in a 92,000-square-foot Digital Hub? TIBCO NOW is definitely the place to be!

  • Author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil, dubbed the restless genius, the ultimate thinking machine, and the rightful heir to Thomas Edison, is the featured speaker in Tuesday’s general session.
  • TIBCO NOW 2016 promises to be one of the premier digital transformation events of the year, with more than 100 breakout sessions—including insights from the Google Cloud Platform service team about their latest offerings and related products—and 100 booths, hands-on labs, and certification opportunities, all focused on digital business.
  • The 92,000-square-foot Digital Hub exhibit hall gives you access to the latest technologies, hundreds of partners, and plenty of space to roam and network with fellow attendees.

View the event agenda for a closer look at what you’ll experience as an attendee. Find sessions you’re interested in and start planning your trip. Register now!