“We Belong to a Bigger Community” Hispanic Heritage Month Q&A

TIBCO Bruna Wells
Bruna with her mother and grandmother in Dichato, Chile
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As a part of TIBCO’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative for Hispanic Heritage Month, we are spotlighting employees who are of Hispanic heritage, asking them what makes them proud of their heritage and what they plan to do to embrace their identity in the future.  

TIBCO: Tell us about yourself

Bruna Wells: My name is Bruna Wells and I’ve been at TIBCO for one year and five months as a Partner Account Manager in the LATAM region, based in São Paulo, Brazil. I’m from a big family—a sister of seven brothers. I’ve been with my boyfriend-now-husband Billy for 21 years. I am the mother of Caio (14) and Luana (2). At TIBCO, I participate in the BLAAC and Women of TIBCO employee resource groups (ERGs).

TIBCO: This year’s Hispanic Heritage Month theme is “Be proud Of Your Past, Embrace The Future.” What is your Hispanic heritage? 

BW: My mother is Chilean, but I was born and raised in Brazil. I spent all my adult life traveling to different Latin American countries absorbing the different cultures, way of life, and people’s histories, which have shaped my personality. So I consider myself a Latin American citizen. 

TIBCO: What about your heritage’s past are you most proud of? 

BW: The Latin American resilience. We have faced a lot of barriers to building our own identity and independence. I cannot be more proud and thankful for all our ancestors who always persevere and succeed in light of the regional, political, climate, and economic challenges we face.    

TIBCO: What ways will you “embrace your future” during Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond? 

BW: Most of the countries in Latin America celebrate Independence Day in September so this is an opportunity to talk with our families and friends about our expectations for this uncertain future that we face together. When thinking about my colleagues in TIBCO, I’m a part of the leadership team of the BLAAC ERG where we are planning several activities to make our community feel embraced and represented. 

TIBCO: In what ways do you feel the Hispanic communities have helped shape the world? 

BW: Our high energy is incomparable. We are known worldwide for our charisma, our hospitality, our parties, and our optimism, always showering others with lots of good food and drinks. In any country that you visit in Latin America, I can guarantee you will return home feeling fulfilled and loved.

TIBCO: What does being a part of the Hispanic community mean to you? 

BW: It’s diverse but in a unique way. Everyone in Latin America has a particular history, but we belong to a bigger community from different countries that understands ourselves, our culture, and our past. The identity and genuine curiosity of each person’s personal history is priceless.

TIBCO: What are the benefits of celebrating our shared history and cultures throughout TIBCO? 

BW: Working at TIBCO means that what you are and where you come from matters. I love hearing my colleague’s personal histories and feel inspired to share mine. When I know a person’s background I start to admire them and feel more connected to them. And by contributing, I expect people to feel more connected to me too.   

TIBCO: What is a Hispanic tradition that you wish to pass down, that your parents have passed down to you? 

BW: Our faith. My parents raised me to believe in God and be grateful for the small things like our food and our bed, in addition to  praying to sustain and fill our spirit. In a country where 90% of the population considers themselves religious, this is a tradition that I am already passing to my children. It represents a lot to me since my mother and father instilled it in me. 

TIBCO: Any other thoughts you would like to share related to being part of the Hispanic community within TIBCO? 

BW: Unfortunately my grandmother that lived in Chile passed away during this pandemic, and it was really hard to say goodbye to her and be there for my mother virtually. In the past several months, we had to solve a lot of challenges together and through that, a lot of our Hispanic heritage came alive again. This will always be present in our lifestyle as well as her. During this process, I could count on my team at TIBCO to support me and understand the situation.

Working at TIBCO means that what you are and where you come from matters. I love hearing my colleague’s personal histories and feel inspired to share mine. Click To Tweet

During the month of October, join us in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Are you a TIBCO team member? To get involved and join an ERG today, visit TIBCO Connect for more details!