Be Smarter. Validate Your Partner Data.

With TIBCO Foresight®, the data you get or send to your partners becomes more reliable, and therefore more valuable.

Looking for ways to work with and validate data? This is what TIBCO Foresight® was built for. Use it with TIBCO’s industry-leading B2B functionality, TIBCO Streaming Analytics, or your existing infrastructure for the capabilities you need to ensure your data is correct.


Have Confidence in the Data You Work With

You worry about data accuracy, and so do your partners. Validating the data you get from or send to your partners is critical to properly running business processes. Using TIBCO Foresight, you can be confident that the data is being validated and also checked for compliance with all the guidelines your company needs to adhere to. And all this is fully automated!

Make Smarter Business Decisions

You can make sound decisions knowing your data has been validated and confirmed to be in compliance — and with the right tools, doing business becomes easier. With clear visibility into the data used in business transactions, your people, relationships, and decisions are all better informed.

Have Problems? No Problem!

Problems will arise. When they do, you want to be able to solve them quickly and accurately, which is often dependent on the information and tools you have available. TIBCO Foresight is the tool for quickly researching compliant and non-compliant data issues whether initiated by you or your partner.

Solve Modern Healthcare Problems

All around the world, Healthcare is one of the most regulated and protected industries with notably challenging problems. Trying to solve them all on your own can be daunting and ever changing. TIBCO Foresight simplifies the challenge by providing solutions for changing situations such as adhering to standards old and new, facilitating initiatives, and accommodating attachments.