Maximize flexibility and choice

The TIBCO Cloud™ Integration iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) provides the broadest set of capabilities to help you solve any business challenge. Rather than prescribing a specific approach to solve an integration challenge, it provides you with a wide degree of flexibility and choice so you can select the best-fit solution and deliver maximum business value.

Why TIBCO Cloud Integration?

Connect your business using any integration style

Address any use case using any integration style

Break down information silos by connecting business applications, data, processes, and devices across any environment using any integration style. The TIBCO Cloud Integration iPaaS supports modern API-led and event-driven integration, multiple data integration styles, full-lifecycle API management, process automation, stream processing, integration through legacy interfaces and industry protocols, file-based integration, and more.

Empower a diverse set of users

Deliver maximum business value

Get more value out of your integration solution by maximizing business value while reducing costs and increasing productivity. TIBCO Cloud Integration delivers the lowest total cost of ownership as validated by independent evaluations from Forrester Consulting and PushToTest.

Maximize architectural flexibility

Flexibility to solve any challenge

TIBCO gives you the widest array of choices in how you consume, run, design, deploy, and scale your integrations. Empower diverse users with collaborative & low-code integration experiences, extend your IT ecosystem to use your preferred cloud-native DevOps tooling and deploy wherever best fits business needs: cloud, on-prem or on the edge.