Unified platform for your TIBCO solutions

TIBCO® Platform

The TIBCO Platform is a real-time, composable data platform that will bring together an evolving set of your TIBCO solutions wherever they run–on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge–into a single pane of glass where you can more easily manage and monitor them through modern and innovative user experiences for operators, developers and business technologists.

TIBCO Control Plane welcome screen

Simplified development, management, and monitoring

The TIBCO Platform introduces a new control plane that will enable your IT operations staff to more easily monitor and manage an evolving set of your TIBCO solutions from a single location. With this brand new experience, you will be able to:

  • Gain complete visibility over your TIBCO components across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments.
  • Discover, monitor, and manage existing on-premises TIBCO components with zero disruption or migration using the TIBCO® Control Tower.
  • Deploy new TIBCO solutions to cloud environments of your choice leveraging powerful tooling based on Kubernetes.
  • Simplify monitoring and end-to-end observability of an evolving set of your TIBCO components in order to proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks in minutes.
  • Measure costs, optimize your workloads, and visualize the business value realized from your TIBCO investments with powerful FinOps capabilities (Stay tuned to find out when these capabilities will become part of the TIBCO Platform). 
TIBCO Control Plane UI

The TIBCO Platform provides reimagined user experiences for developers. With the TIBCO Developer Hub and TIBCO Flogo Extension for VSCode developers can:

  • Discover APIs, apps, and documentation for your TIBCO and non-TIBCO assets using a single, unified user experience powered by Spotify Backstage
  • Quickly and easily identify relationships between the various assets within your enterprise via a visual relationship graph
  • Kick-start projects by selecting from a number of pre-built TIBCO BusinessWorks & Flogo templates
  • Build your own custom templates for your developers to leverage, ensuring that enterprise patterns are adhered to
  • Develop, debug, test and run TIBCO Flogo applications 100% locally using the new TIBCO Flogo Extension for VSCode
TIBCO Developer Hub UI

Hear from TIBCO customers

"Whenever we ask something we know we will get the answer from TIBCO as soon as possible - even if it’s day or night."

– Abani Kanta Sahoo, Lead Integration Developer

"We have a distributed environment with multiple data centers. It can be very difficult to see in one view how everything runs, which applications are deployed. It’s difficult. And I think the TIBCO Platform could help us with that."

– Alex De Hes, Technical Architect, Air France-KLM

"The Developer Hub will give us functionality for our developers to create quickly new instances of integration flows. It helps them to speed up the development."

– Alex De Hes, Technical Architect, Air France-KLM

"There are specific features that we really like from TIBCO side - like the TIBCO Platform runtime for VS Code. I will say our developers are very happy because we want something to give them in local system so they can write the code and deploy."

– Abani Kanta Sahoo, Lead Integration Developer

Unlock the powerful capabilities of the TIBCO Platform

An easier way to deliver real-time data and drive business value

TIBCO® Platform—messaging components

Introducing TIBCO Platform—Data Grid

A best-of-breed, scalable, high-performance solution

Connect all of your applications, data and devices wherever they are hosted.

Distribute data across your enterprise, broker the communication of events, and build real-time data streams.

Coordinate process, people, context, and action for better business outcomes.

Action critical business moments to derive real-time insights and automate responses to specific situations.

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